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Interview with Mahesh Babu by Jeevi

: 5th October 2002 Venue: Padmalaya Studios
The team of went to Padmalaya studios on 5th of October to cover 'A date with Bobby'. When we requested Mahesh Babu for an exclusive interview, he was glad to give us one. But at the same time, he could not hide the displeasure about a gossip item came in idlebrain a couple of months back that he was seeing Mahima Chowdary. He told me that when both of us know each other pretty well, all it costs me is a phone call to talk to him and clarify a rumour before carrying any gossip of that nature on We apologized for the same and assured that we would clarify with him before carrying any gossip of that nature of

Mahesh babu was participating in the shooting of a song at a set erected in floor number one in Padmalaya studios. He spent some time with team for chitchat. Here are the excerpts of the candid interview of prince of Telugu cinema Mr. Mahesh Babu.....

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Tell us about Bobby?

We went for an attitude in Bobby. You will understand what that attitude is all about when you see the film.

We have gone through the photo gallery of Bobby and the photos do not seem to reveal any storyline. Is this intentional?

The total film is unpredictable. Right from the day one, we did everything in different style. That's why when you see the photographs or promos of the film, you cannot guess what the film is all about.

You are saying that Bobby is a film with attitude. But would it attract the masses?

This film is made with 100% commercial element. It's a commercial film that would satisfy all kinds of audience.

We heard that there is one song with Indian flag as backdrop in the film. Is there an element of patriotism in Bobby?

No. It's just an item song and it has no relevance to the storyline. This song comes when Bobby, who spent all his life in USA, comes to India and he likes his country a lot.

How different are the songs in Bobby?

I am very happy with the way the songs have shaped up. We projected an attitude in the songs as well. My personal favorite song in this film is the heroine introduction song that lasts for three minutes. That song has only lyrics and there is no music in it. The lyrics are fantastic.

Rumour mills are rife with the rumour that the climax of the movie is tragedy-oriented where both the hero and heroine die and that the unit is in two minds to go for popular climax of happy ending than the unconventional tragedy-oriented climax?

Right from day one, we thought about a concept and we went ahead with it. As far as the unit is concerned, we are extremely happy with the ending of Bobby. You must watch the film to know the climax. There are no two minds about climax. It's very easy to shoot something alternative. But there has to be strong reason to do it. Climax is going to be the life of Bobby. It's going to be a sensation.

Tell us why you opted for Sobhan to direct this film

I knew Sobhan right from Murari days. He wrote dialogues for the film. I know what he was made of. We are good friends. The tuning between Sobhan and me is incredible. I knew what he wanted and he was very well aware as to what I was supposed to do.

You look so tired. You work hard by taking so many risks. But, unfortunately your hard work is not getting translated into good results

My hard work will definitely yield results one day. We have to just keep trying and trying. I know that I don't have any credible success or any huge super duper hit so far. Still my films are made on huge budgets and everybody is happy with it. Nobody can predict my films. They don't know what I am going to do next. That keeps everybody curious about my films.

When is Bobby releasing?

Its releasing on the 24th of October 2002.

When is Okkadu releasing? On 18th December 2002?

No, it would be releasing in the first week of January 2003.

There is no 100 days gap between these two films?

We can't help it as Cricket world cup is coming up. I guess a gap of 70 days should be fine.

Tell us about your future projects?

I am doing a film each with SJ Suryah and Trivikram. And there is another project, which would be announced shortly.

Is it Teja's Nijam?

We don't know exactly

But there are confirmed rumors that you are the hero of Nijam and a trailer was shot for that film with you as hero?

We will know about it very soon. We are keeping it under covers now.

Earlier you were comfortable with one film at a time and now you are doing multiple projects.

Initially I found it difficult to do multiple films simultaneously. But now I am three-year old hero and I should be capable of doing it. It's been a great experience doing Okkadu and Bobby simultaneously. The characterization of the hero in these two films is contrastingly different simultaneously. If I could do justice to these two roles, I can work on any kind of multiple projects.

There are a lot of industry hits being churned out in the last one year. Your fans are expecting such a big hit from you

I think, I will get it soon. Watch out for my next 3-4 films. That's my gut feeling.

Don't you think you need to do a full-length mass subject that has no logic and ruthless killings to get such big hits?

I do agree that films involving ruthless killing are mass films. But there can also be other mass films that do not involve insensible things. Bobby is a different kind of mass film. Okkadu is a full-length mass film. My debut venture 'Raja Kumarudu' was also a mass film.

There can also be mass films that need not have scenes like hero taking out sword and killing people left, right and center.

We have many youngsters debuting in Telugu films. Do you think the things are changing in the industry now?

I believe in just one thing. If you are talented and if you are a good actor nobody can stop you. Sometimes timing may be inappropriate but eventually even that will change. Everybody will definitely get their due share. Just imagine, when I have huge hits to my credit in the next 7-8 months, things would be totally different.

Tell us what time you get up in the morning and what kind of food do you eat?

When I am not shooting, which is a very rare thing now a days, I get up at 2 pm in the afternoon. If I am shooting, I get up at 7 am, take a shower and go to the shoot. But I make sure that I jog for an hour everyday. And I eat any food that I can lay my hands on.

Where do you jog? Brahmananda Reddy park?

No. I used to jog there before. But I saw a couple of snakes there. I am scared of snakes. So I bought a treadmill for myself and run on it in my house.

What speed do you take?


Have you seen Show?

Yes. It's a good film. It's a nice thought with just two characters in the film that runs for two hours. I would love to do a film like that. More over the whole film happens in one day. It starts off at 8 am in the morning and ends at 5 pm in the evening. I loved that film and I am really happy for my sister.

It's my personal observation that you have a huge loyal set of fans. How are you going to make them happy?

They are more than happy with my acting and my choice of films. The only thing they are not happy is that I don't have a huge success. In the next one year, I am sure they are going to be really happy.

I heard that your film 'Naani' is a remake of Tom Hanks' 'The Big'?

Yes. The basic element of film is inspired by 'The Big'. It's a challenge for any actor to do such kind of role. I am sure anybody who listens to that script would run away. It's packed with entertainment. After watching the film for 2 and half hours, I am sure you would leave the theater with a stomachache.

Is Sonali confirmed for Naani?

Sonali Bendre is not yet confirmed for that film. 'Naani' is the tentative title for that project.

What went wrong with Takkari Donga?

I am happy with Takkari Donga. That film was meant for kids. Wherever I go, I get a feedback that kids liked it a lot. Unfortunately, kids can't influence their parents to take them for a film, like the kids in USA do (success of 'Harry Potter' is an example)

Is Okkadu a faction film?

It's not a faction film at all. It starts off in Rayalaseema and comes to old city.

What is the budget of Bobby?

It is around 9 to 9 ½ crores.

How much share should it collect to break even?

With print and publicity, the total cost comes to 11 ½ or 12 cores. It should collect around 13 crores to breakeven. That should not be a problem.

How many prints are you going to have for Bobby?

Approximately 100 prints. We don't want to dump the market with more number of prints.

Have you seen any films other than 'Show'?


How do you come know about the trends and changing tastes of people without watching latest hit films?

Its better not to know anything about the trends etc. Some times, even huge hit films could confuse your brains.

A question out of the box for you. Why wasn't a public function held to celebrate the 100 days of Raja Kumarudu?

You will get a nice answer if you call up Mr. Aswini Dutt straight!

That surely would be done by us soon! Tell us your version?

I rejected the offer by Aswini Dutt because he wanted to celebrate the 100 days function amidst industry people. Half of the industry people would be saying why the hell this film ran for 100 days! Nobody likes anybody in this film industry. That's the truth. Even I am like that. Everybody is like that.

Any words for visitors?

Always be happy! Don't carry any worry. Life is very short. So enjoy your life. This is the character of Bobby. We live for 60 years with the kind of habits we have. First 15 years, you don't know anything and last 15 years, you can't do anything. For the rest of 30 years, you end up suffering for 20 years. You only have 10 years to enjoy. So don't worry too much about things. Be happy and if possible make others happy.

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Interviewed by Jeevi
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