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Interview with Nikita by Jeevi

: 12th April 2003 Venue: Ali House, Tarnaka

When Dasarath introduced me to Nikita on the sets of Sambaram, she reacted sharply by saying that I had given a bad review about her in 'Hai' review. She also complained in a very lighter vein that South Indians give so much importance to heroes and they literally ignore contributions from actresses. Nikita is an extremely charming and down-to-earth person. Here is the transcript of the conversation that lasted for about 12 minutes.

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Tell us about yourself and how you entered films?

My name is Nikita. I stay in Colaba, Bombay. I am a Sardarni. I have two sisters and one brother. One of my friends was going to an audition and she asked me to accompany her. Those guys asked me to give audition as well. I got selected and I acted in few commercial ads.

One day when I was in a restaurant in Sun n Sand Hotel, EVV Satyanarayana came to me and told me that I would be acting as a heroine in his film and that's how I landed in Hai. My parents wanted me to complete my graduation and I promised them that I would study. I am now a full-fledged graduate in Economics from KC College, Bombay.

I feel that all the opportunities I got for films and ads are by coincidence. I never wanted to become an actress. Let me speak an example of co-incidence. Now you are speaking to me, though you wrote badly about me in your review of 'Hai'.

How is it like working in South Indian films?

After 'Hai' film, I worked in Fazil's film in Malayalam. Malayalam is the most tongue-twisting language among South Indian languages. I learnt my lines during the shooting of Malayalam film. After learning Malayalam, I did not find it difficult to learn Telugu language. I also did a film in Tamil. Now I am back in Telugu with Sambaram. Now I can speak minimum courtesy sentences in Telugu fluently like 'Ela vunnavu?', 'bagunnara?', 'emi chestunnavu?', 'bhojanam chesaava' etc.

How do you act?

Acting is nothing but believing that it is really happening. I try to imagine that whatever I am supposed to act is really happening and try to react in that way with the help of director's instructions. If my character in Hai has modern shades, the character in Sambaram is more of a traditional one. It's a village belle character who comes to city to do graduation. I have to be subtle and soft-spoken in this character.

What did you learn after working for 'hai'?

I have not watched 'Hai' film till December of last year. I would have mellowed down a bit in acting. I over reacted while acting in few scenes. You learn from your mistakes. Without failure, there is no success. I got my failure first. Now I have to get a success!

Tell us about the director Dasarath?

Dasarath is a nice person. When I met him for the first time in Bombay, I was yapping! Dasarath then said that he would speak with Teja and get back to me. I was shooting for Tamil remake of 'Allari' film in Ooty and I got a call from Teja sir. He said that I was selected for Sambaram movie. Dasarath was in Ooty at that time. He screen tested me in Salwar Kamiz dress. Dasarath knows what he wants. He always has the total script ready in his hands. I feel that every successful person should have his/her homework done.

Tell us about your character in Sambaram?

I go to city from a village to study and I come back. It's a lovely character. Her name is Geeta.

What are your hobbies?

I love reading. I love listening to music. I like watching cricket and tennis. I like writing a lot.

What is your future plan?

I want to complete my MA in Economics. I want to prove myself as a good actress. I want everybody to know me as a nice human being. It is more important to be a nice person than to be known as a celebrity.

What about marriage plans?

I want to get married in about one and half years. I think marriage makes woman a complete one. I want to be a complete woman.

Do you have any boy friend?

(giggles) No. Not yet!

Do you want to enter Bollywood?

No! I had offers too. But I rejected.

Why is it so?

I am not comfortable. I don't want to expose.

How did you come to know about

Dasarath came to me with the printouts of Jeevi reviews of 'Hai' and 'Santosham' and asked me to go through them before signing me for Sambaram. I guess you are partially right in the review about the film 'Hai'. But I promise you that you would see a much matured actress in me in 'Sambaram'.

Any words to the visitors of

I believe in loving life and enjoying it with a smile. Keep smiling all the time!

Interviewed by Jeevi
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