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Interview with Vallabha by Jeevi

: 13th November 2002 Venue: Padmalaya Studios
KS Rama Rao, the man behind Creative Commercials, gave continuous hits with Chiranjeevi in the past and also gave Victory Venkatesh one of his career best movies - Chanti. He also produced heart touching films like Punya Sthri and Mathru Devabhava and won accolades for the same. His son Vallabha is making his debut as hero with Anandi Arts film 'Evare Athagadu'. met up with Vallabha at Padamalaya studio for an interview. Here are the excerpts from the interview where the talkative and polite Vallabha discusses opens his heart out.

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You are acting for the first time. Are you nervous?

No. I am not nervous at all. I am basically from a marketing background. Interacting with people from different backgrounds is my favorite thing to do. That's the reason I took marketing major in my MBA. Though I never acted before a camera earlier, I am born and brought up in entertainment industry and has been observing how things work here - both in front of the camera and behind the screen. I thoroughly enjoy doing scenes that have combinations with other artists. But I don't enjoy doing solo shots, as I have to use my imagination to make them lively.

When did you realize that you wanted to become a hero?

Precisely in October 2000.


After completing my MBA, I worked in a couple of companies as a marketing intern. After that I did visual FX. I was always interested in technical aspects of filmmaking. I observed that the only person who can have a better look at each and every department and enjoy the benefit of learning in a quicker way is a hero. In this film industry, everybody works for the hero. I then decided that I should become hero to have a better understand of all the technicalities of filmmaking.

What are the steps you have taken to groom yourself as a hero?

My first experience of learning about acting is from Asha Chandra Institute of acting in Bombay. You have people from all over India (and also NRIs from abroad) coming and learning from Asha Chandra madam. Each batch consists of 35 people and it was a great experience. I returned to Hyderabad and learnt the nuances of dialogue delivery from Dixitulu sir. For finalities in dialogue delivery and acting, I went to (Vizag) Satyanand sir. I learnt dances from Satya master who is an assistant to choreographer Suchitra. Anand Raj master, who is a brother of fight master Raju, trained me in stunts.

There are so many new kids being launched by senior industry people and there are so many talented raw youngsters that are being introduced as heroes. How do you differentiate yourself from others? What are your strengths?

I can't really claim anything without the release of my debut film. It is up to the audience to decide what I am made of and what I am good at. But if I analyze the current genre of new kids on the block, every body can dance and fight. But in one department, I am sure, I would have an edge over others. That is Telugu language. I should thank my mom to inculcate the interest and motivation to learn more about Telugu language and its literature. I have a passion for Telugu language and literature. May be my grip of Telugu language would help me as an actor.

How did the project 'Evare Athagaadu' materialize?

The basic story is based on an unreleased direct novel by Bhalabhadrapatruni Ramani. The director made 100% improvisation to the basic story to fit into a movie frame. Then we narrated it to Gemini Kiran garu and then he started the film.

You are brought up in this film industry. You know every film personality and all of them know you. How are you going to use those contacts to grow in film industry?

I am lucky to be in such a position. But at the same time, I am afraid of my position as well. All the people I know, happen to know a lot about acting. So I have to work hard to please them when they watch me on the big screen. I take it more like a responsibility than a privilege. (grins)

You must have seen the rushes. What was your reaction when you saw yourself on the big screen?

I have seen the rushes of the film along with the crew. Some of them gave compliments and some others gave suggestions to improve upon. I can't tell you how I like myself on the screen. It's the audiences who need to see and decide when the film releases in theaters he next year. Whatever they decide, it's going to be the final verdict. Presently I am giving the movie the best of my efforts.

Do you have any role model when it comes to acting? Are you aiming for any slot/position/niche in the hero's category?

I do not have any role model, to be honest. I can't quote any big hero and say that I want to be like that. They are all proven artists. I just want to be myself. I can't say that I want to become like Chiranjeevi sir. My destiny will take me to the destination I am supposed to reach. However, I will definitely give my best to what I am doing.

What are your hobbies?

I like photography. Talking with people is my favorite pastime. I love watching films and learning technicalities of filmmaking.

Tell us about the director Bhanu Shankar?

He is very confident and professional. He improvises the scenes and dialogues on the spot. He understands the artists and makes us feel comfortable.

What is your future plan?

I don't plan anything. I enjoy each day as it comes. My immediate priority is to finish off the movie and then seek the audiences' verdict. I'll take the feedback about what they liked and what they did not like in me. Accordingly I will mould myself and take up a project that cushions my strengths.

Interviewed by Jeevi
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