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My Movie - Chenna Kesava Reddy
You are at Home > Community > My Movie starts a new exciting section - My Movie. There are very few movies that touch the human being inside you. All you got to do is pen down your feelings about the movie and mail and share it with fellow visitors.You can send your 'My Movie' letters to [email protected]


Chenna Kesava Reddy

by Vikram Adithya
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This is the review EXCLUSIVELY for the NANDAMURI FANS abroad awaiting eagerly about the talk of the movie. You will definitely enjoy the movie. The get up of BALAYYA as CHENNA KESAVA REDDY is very nice, He will remind us the legendary NTR in get up and also in his action.

The first 53 minutes of the movie is for movie sake and the real story starts...

At 54th minute when our CHENNA KESAVA REDDY is introduced in tihar jail with a fight in rain. The get-up is very nice .he is just like NTR in BOBBILI PULI. Later the scene he returns to seema in a YERRA BUS (rtc bus) is also very nice.

At the 97th minute devayani starts telling young BALAYYA the flashback of CHENNA KESAVA REDDY. The flashback is nice. There is a dialogue of devayani to her husband prithvi is excellent (there are some other punch dialogues for balayya. But, i won't reveal the dialogues, because u should enjoy them when u are watching the movie).

The pre-climax and the climax are GREAT with a beautiful chase sequence with Sumos and helicopters.

You will enjoy every frame when CHENNA KESAVA REDDY is on the screen. No doubt about it. MANAVAADU IRAGADEESADU.

The songs DON'T CARE... and NEE KOPPULO... got good response from the FANS. TELUPU TELUPU.... song may be added in a day or two (presently there are only 5 songs in the movie).our BALAYYA should take care about MUSIC and DANCE , not blindly believing them.

THE GUDIVADA SCENE: The HOME TOWN of NANDAMURI is celebrating the occasion. Many people from the areas around GUDIVADA flooded the town with cars having banners, flags and posters in the front. Here the movie is screened in two theaters (gopala krishna & neela mahal) the areas around these theaters are filled with the cars from MUDINEPALLI, HANUMAN JUNCTION, KAIKALURU, AVANIGADDA, GUDLAVALLERU and many more...a car and bike rally is expected at the evening before first show involving more than 200 bikes and 100 +cars with more than 1000 people. Fans are satisfied with the movie .no body left the theatres disappointed.

The public talk here is " krishnudu ga chakram thippalanna, duryodhanudu ga thoda kottalanna ANNA GARI KE sadhyam. alage,khadharu vesi meesam thippalanna, seema netha ga thodakottalanna BALAYYA KE sadhyam !! "

Don't bother about records some day or other we have to create them and we have to break them. You will surely enjoy the movie as a fan of BALAYYA. If you want any more info about the movie (story, scenes or dialogues) do mail me.


[email protected]

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