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Movie review - O Chinnadana
O Chinnadana
O Chinnadana
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Jeevi Rating: 3 (Three)
Genre: Comedy
Banner: Rajeswari Films
Cast: Srikanth, Raja, Gajala, Asha Saini, Sruthi Raj, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Ali, Kovai Sarala, Tanikella Bharani, Brahmaji, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Babu Mohan and Benarji
Photography: C Ram Prasad
Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Music: Vidya Sagar
Editing: Srikar Prasad
Screenplay - Direction:E Sathi Babu
Producer: Mullapudi Brahmanandam

Theatrical Release Date: 25th January 2002



Divya Reddy (Sruthi Raj) and Ramya Reddy (Gajala) are inseparable sisters, who studies in the same college. Srinivasa Sastry (Raja) and Ramya love each other. Divya hates love due to her own experiences in the past. Divya had a childhood love Rajesh at an age of eight. Rajesh deserts her and leaves to an unknown destination at that age.

Ramya and Seenu decides that they should get the Rajesh back so that Divya falls in love with him and gives green signal to the love of Ramya and Seenu. Seenu gets hold of Narasimha (Srikanth) and pays him to act as the childhood lover of Divya.

Then the father of Divya and Ramya, who is a military major (Jaya Prakash Reddy), returns from army for a month holiday. The rest of the film is a laugh riot. You should watch this film to know how the new relationships add spice and humor to these main characters in the film.


Srikanth: Srikanth is at his best, as usual. He played his role to the perfection with the consummate ease.

Raja: The debutant actor Raja leaves his mark. Its nice to see a natural student looking guy like Raja playing the role of college student unlike the 30+ aged popular heroes playing 'youth'. He acted with ease with in the limitations his role offered.

Sruthi Raj : Sruthi Raj looked more spirited and beautiful compared to 'Veedekkadi Mogudandi'. She did well.

Gajala: Her role in the film is a limited one. But she is too glamorous in the first song taken on her.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: E Sathi Babu, the protégé of EVV Satyanarayana, directed this film. He seems to be following the footsteps of EVV in selecting stories and giving them comedy based treatment. He should have made the film compact by removing some boring scenes in the first half.

Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja provided some good dialogues though there are a couple of vulgar oriented ones.

Music: Music of this film is average. The title song and the last song of the film are impressive.

Analysis: The first half of the film is average. But second half is good with lots of hilarious comedy scenes. There is one particular 'Pinni' comedy scene that has the entire theater in the splits. Brahmanandam adds some more spice with his 'Hyderabad' character. Jaya Prakash Reddy did a comedy-oriented role very well. Over all, it's a watchable film that has got some entertainment value. Made on a shoestring budget, this Srikanth-starrer is all set to recover the money and make handsome profits.

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Gudipoodi Review
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