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Movie review - Show by Gudipoodi Srihari
(Novel approach)



Genre: Art
Banner: Indra Creations
Cast: Manjula - Surya

Music: Raj
Story - Dialogues - Screenplay - Direction: Neelakanta
Producer: Manjula
Presented by Tutu Sharma
Release date: 13th September 2002

Gudipoodi Srihari Review

Director -writer Neelakantha's approach to the subject and its presentation is totally refreshing. No wonder, with just two characters, his film caught the attention of the jury, and bagged the 'best regional cinema' and the 'best screenplay' awards at the national level. This film also launches Manjula, actor Krishna's daughter, as an actress and producer.

This film is simple in structure and bears the qualities of an art cinema, too, in certain sections. It begins with Manjula arriving at the house of a professor. Dr. Krishnamohan, who is away at that time. Manjula finds a letter written by the professor addressed to her asking her to pick up a key that he has left for her and to stay till he returns. Alone in the palatial house, Manula begins to panic. Soon a car buzzes into the place and a bizarre looking Madhav gets out of it. A lawyer, he deputed by his senior to meet the professor for some consultation. To kill time, the two spend time chatting, trying to know about each other. Manjula is in love with somebody and wants more time to study him before she decides to marry. The lawyer's seven-year-old marriage, with a child, is currently under stress. All this open talk establishes Madhav as an actor. Therefore, till the professor arrives, he gives basic lessons in acting to Manjula, then ask her to join him to play a mini-drama. The script: his own household conditions and relationship with his wife (off-screen character). The dialogue is nothing else but the antagonism his wife displays to him. But the effort fails.

Madhav then declares he is a good cook and volunteers to prepare lunch for them. The post-lunch session is again reserved for one more session of an extempore play. Manjula also changes her get-up a bit to look a housewife and becomes so realistic that the lawyer starts listening to the true voice of his wife.

Therefore, the director juxtaposes the voices of Madhav's wife and that of Manjula. It sounds as if both the voices are coming in unison. Madhav gets involved in the scene to such an extent that he starts feeling he is arguing with his own wife.

He decides to commit sucide, picks up a dagger, and as he lifts it a helpless Manjula simply shouts and claps as if she is appreciating his performance as a true artiste. Soon he comes out of his own spell. The play and the film also end there. And, to round it off, the professor also arrives.

Surya is an experienced artiste, specially branded for psychological roles, and the last part of this internal drama really proves that he is a good dramatist too and needs better roles. So is Manjula, though the role is more a passive one. Music is balanced. This is a novel approach in filmmaking and thus Neelakantha and Manjula must take full credit for being different.

courtesy: The Hindu

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Show Film Review
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