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Film Review: Badshah
Reviewer: Sapna Chhaya


Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Twinkle Khanna
Sapna.Chhaya's Rating: 3/5

About Movie:

Raj (Shahrukh Khan), known as Baadshah, is a small time detective who wants to be a famous but his mother (Shashikala) wants Raj to follow the footsteps of his father and join the police force. Baadshah's main source of income comes from diamond smugglers from convincing girls to marry the groom chosen by their parent. In the latter category comes Twinkle (Seema), whose father (Avtar Gill) -- here comes the twist; he is supposedly suffering from brain tumour -- wants to see her happily married. And he is depending on Shahrukh to convince her to marry the man he has chosen as the ideal husband for his precious daughter.

And Baadshah goes into action pretending he is a blind man. With the help of his friends (Johny Lever and company), he successfully charms Seema and she falls in love with him. A 'successful eye operation' and, then Baadshah can 'see' again! Seema declares her love and they run round trees happily.

Just as the situation gets too lovey-dovey, the father reminds Baadshah about his duty. Baadshah dutifully plans scenarios that will make Seema realise he is a fraud. A broken-hearted Seema runs away. Seems rebounds successfully, helping the CBI to trap her nakli father who, apparently, is after her wealth and has duped investors in a bank fraud.

Meanwhile, Baadshah gets another assignment where he is required to rescue a kidnapped girl from some kidnappers. The victim is the daughter of a rich industrialist. At the airport, though, he is mistaken for another Baadshah (Deepak Tijori) who was going on special CBI mission to save chief minister of Goa, Gayatri Bachchan(Rakhee). Which is how he is suckered into his new assignment, where he is expected to protect the chief minister of Goa and rescue the tot. At which point, the elements of tragedy and suspense come in...

Which, to put it exactly, is what Baadshah is all about.

Shahrukh Khan has done terrific job. It's difficult to imagine anyone else carrying off the role with such conviction.Twinke Khanna looked very beautiful and surprisingly has acted well.

Amrish Puri does not dissapoint in yet another efficient villanous role. Rakhee, unfortunately is wasted -- all she does is address press conferences and seminars. The film is enjoyable, especially the interaction between Shahrukh and Johnny Lever. Technically the film is brilliant. The cinematography by Thomas Xavier is eye pleasing. Anu Malik has done a decent job with the music -- the title song is good, while others like "Yahan wahan kadam kadam pe lakhon haseenaen hai" and "Main to hoon pagal "are quite in the hummable category and "hum to deewane huva yaar" are nice songs. Story is unfortunately the biggest drawback of this film.

The director duo Abbas-Mastan has once again delivered a superb blend of comedy, thrill, emotions and inevitable romance. Overall Baadshah is Good but cannot break records and is worth seeing perhaps just once.
>>>>>>>>End of Badshah review

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