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Film Review: Dillagi
Reviewer: Sapna Chhaya


Cast : Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Urmila Matondkar, Dara Singh
Music:Jatin Lalit, Shankar Ehsaan, Loy, Sukhwindara Singh, Anand Milind
Producer: Dharmendra-Vijayta Films
Director : Sunny Deol
Theatrical Release:
19th November 1999
Sapna.Chhaya's Rating: 2/5

About Movie:

In the movie there are two brothers, Ranvir (Sunny Deol) and Rajvir urf Rocky (Bobby Deol) Singh. Ranvir, who has taken the family restaurant business to great heights is responsible, serious, caring, passionate, and adored by all. Rajvir is a spoiled loverboy who lives to dance, party, and enjoys flirting with women. Their father Bir Singh (Dara Singh) is an owner of Kiran Continental, named after his dead wife. Moreover the two brothers have a sweet grandmother, Biji (Zohra Sehgal). Ranvir fulfills every wish and desire of Rajvir's (in accordance to the promise he made to his mother before she died).

Along comes Shalini (Urmila), a simple, sweet girl who meets Rajvir in college and falls in love with him. Rajvir does not believe in love and insults Shalini. In the meantime Ranvir falls in love with Shalini and then the rest of movie is about who gets Shalini.

The movie has same subject as recently-released Pyar Koi Khel Nahin. Both Dillagi and Pyar Koi Khel Nahin revolve around the same subject: a rich, mature, responsible elder brother (Sunny Deol .. in both films) running the family business and a spoilt, irresponsible younger brother (Bobby Deol in Dillagi & Apurva Agnihotri in PKKN) who both fall in love with the same girl (Urmila in Dillagi and Mahima Chaudhary in PKKN). In case you missed out on the earlier one, there is no problem as you can see Dillagi. Dillagi is a much better version of PKKN. It has a better cast and songs but the editing and camera work could have been better.

Morevoer the dialogues are also not so great and the climax being too long, makes you wish for its end. Once again, Sunny Deol plays his role in very good way. Urmila has got a fairly standard role which any actress gets in Hindi movies but still she is excellent in some scenes. Bobby Deol has done his role in the very best way.

I expected a much better film from Sunny Deol's directorial debut. I was very surprised to see a near-remake of a movie he starred in not-so-long ago. Maybe he thought he could do a better job or maybe they started at the same time and PKKN finished earlier. Still... On the plus side, he seems to have inspired good acting from Bobby Deol. In the list of Vijayta Films there are very good films such as Ghayal and Barsaat. Dillagi is the of course nowhere in comparision to this films. On the whole, the film is not what we had expected from Sunny Deol. You can safely wait for it to come out on video, not worth seeing in a theatre.
>>>>>>>>End of Dillagi review

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