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Film Review: Hindustan Ki Kasam
Reviewer: Sapna Chhaya

Hindustan Ki Kasam
(a dream by Veeru Devagan)

Cast: Amitabh Bachhan, Ajay Devgan, Sushmita Sen, Manisha Koriala, Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover, Farida Jalal.
Sapna Chhaya's Rating: 1.5/5

About Movie:

Ajay (Ajay Devgan) is a novel writer who writes political thrillers. He dreams up plots that are pretty close in detail to true events. Ajay falls in love with Sushmita Sen and bores a lot. One of his novel lands in the hand of an army officer (Prem Chopra) hands who suspects Ajay has a hand in killing the people he writes about. When picked up and questioned, Ajay tells him the he dreams up these plots and that he has nothing to do with these killings. He wanders around baffled till his mother (Farad Jalal) and Amitabh tells him he had a twin who got separated at age of 3. The twin is Tauheed, lives in Pakistan, and is shown trying to make sure that his enemies -- most of who happen to be Indian are killed. Because both are twins, Ajay dreams of these killings done by Tauheed before they are done. Tauheed doesn't let anything stand in his way of his crusade against India, not even his girlfriend Roshanaara (Manisha Koirala). And then we bear the normal mother-son reunion, the animosity between the brothers and, worst of all, Amitabh waxing nationalistic. Renegade Pakistani generals decide to assassinate Nawaz Sharif who is going to India in a small plane to save money and the how brothers reunite and save him.

The twins no longer get lost in fairs but part at the international border ... and here it is Pakistan. Ajay Devgan's trouble is that there wasn't much of a director here for him. So he is unconvincing as the sober, romantic writer. The only time he looks right is when he's looking tough and serious, but that's his trademark role. In short nothing eye-catching for Devgan this time! You will wonder what Manisha and Sushmita are doing in the film. They show up when needed and are shooed away when they aren't. Amitabh's characterisation is very weak. He is just shown to show up occasionally only to spout patriotic tripe. Very few dialogues are really nice and the songs do not live more than one minute in your memory.

Hindustan Ki Kasam is Veeru Devgan's first directorial venture. He should have stuck to composing fights. This film has some stunts mixed with special effects, but the result is so terrible that you wonder why Devgan Sr didn't stick to the simpler stunt that he provided in films like Phool Aur Kaante. In the movie there is scene of Ajay Devgan giving a lift to Ms Universe Sen on his bike and, yawn, he jumps over buses and trains. And because it relied on bad special effects than stuntmen, it looks sillier than it used to in those seventies flicks that relied on the same kind of thing. Another scene where the special effects fall flat is where Amitabh (a freedom fighter) goes up and talks to Subhas Chandra Bose. The same had been shown in Kamal Hasan's 'Hindustani'. The story line is abrupt and disjointed. The film is also badly edited and you can't make any sense between scenes, particularly in the first half. The songs aren't worth mentioning, except may be 'Tera Jalwa'. This particular story could have been really interesting if Veeru Devgan had kept out the stupid stunts and songs and concentrated on maintaining the continuity of the film. But he ends up concentrating so hard -- too hard -- on his son the hero, that everyone else, barring Amitabh, fades in the frame.

The lovely dream of Veeru Devgan, where he sees both countries united and everyone living happily ever after has been crashed with his own hands!

But when you step out for air in the end, for once you won't be thinking what a superb -- and wasted -- actor Amitabh is. You'll just remember how bad a bad film Hindustan Ki Kasam is.

Just avoid seeing movie - in theatre or on video!
>>>>>>>>End of Hindustan Ki Kasam review

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