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Film Review: Josh
Reviewer: Fultoo


Producer: Venus
Mansoor Khan
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Chandrachur Singh, Sharad Kapoor, Priya Gill (Special and not Guest appearance)
's Rating: 2/5

About Movie:

Take a bowl put some smashed bananas, smashed boiled potatoes, add some lemon juice to it and toss it up with some red pepper powder and hey! Salt is strictly prohibited. The hysterical concoction you what Josh is all about. A love story between the siblings of two rival gangs of rowdy hooligans (Remember QSQT! with rival families though) and a plot as complicated as the wire mesh in a television circuit, was certainly not expected from the director who rendered memorable movies like JJWS and QSQT.

The movie starts with a lady (Nadira) rattling abuses Vasco in whose name the town of Goa is, like a Virar fast passing through the khar station. It's 1958 when Goa was still under Portuguese rule. And before you actually settle down with the rattling, you enter into a relatively identifiable period of 1980 with Max (Shah Rukh khan) leader of the Eagle gang and Prakash (Sharad Kapoor) leader of the rival gang the Bichchoo, flexing their muscles for a dhishum dhishum. From peccadilloes to serious crimes, both the gangs walk Scott free thanks to the Father of the church who shows absolutely no signs of aging even after 30 years!! In this never ending mara mari of the gangs (you are all the time asking your neighbor -what for?) Maxi's twin sister Shirley (the only relief to your eyes, Aishwarya) and Prakash's younger brother-Rahul, (Chandrachud Singh, well to say the least, he appeared as if constipated for a long time) fall in love.

You are already lying flat on your seats for the never ending dare you - glares, cracking of bottles and the throat chocking cycle chains till the time interval brings you an air of supreme peace. Perhaps, the only good thing that happens to you for the entire 3 hrs. ordeal, is the interval. Now you somehow muster courage to watch the second half only for the money you have wasted for the ticket but alas what comes out is a third degree eye torture.

With chance to make mega buck Prakash plans to usurp a piece of land of the town, which turns out to be in the brother sister duo's name. And with a Sherlock Holmes type zeal for investigation our constipated man Rahul finds out that the twins are the illegitimate children of Vasco-Dhadam!!! What a twist. Christ. Meanwhile Prakash hatches a plot to kill Maxi for the property and in all that gadbad ghotala gets killed himself. Twister this time. And just before you are about to run 10 miles away from the theatre for relief, the akhari gawah Rahul rescues Maxi and no bets for guessing the end, as predictable as the rising sun.

On the plus side, the songs are hummable particularly Mere Khayalon ki mallika, which is also nicely picturized. Annu Malik scores a point with the music. Aishwarya as a sister of Shah Rukh is I feel one bold experiment by Mansoor Khan and it came out quite successful for the effervescent performance by the lovely Ash. The presence of Priya Gill was best described by the titles as special appearance but just for a song is too special for a gorgeous gill. Sharad Kapoor exudes a lot of improvement; perhaps he is more suitable to such unromantic roles. Shah Rukh as usual leaves a mark in whatever he does. But alas Good actors, good music and a good director all wasted in this lazy pudding like story of Josh.

The bottom line, the top line or which ever line you wish to take- Josh leaves you Behosh

>>>>>>>>End of Josh review

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