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it's jungle out there. just in case

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Film Review: Jungle
Reviewer: Fultoo

(It took his love)

Cast: Fardeen Khan, Urmila Matondkar, Sunil Shetty, Sushant Singh
Directed and Produced by: Ram Gopal Varma
Fultoo's Rating: 2.5/5

Junglee toofan tyre puncture

Well if you could make out anything from this, then that's the movie for you - A love story between a rich girl Annu (Urmila) and a 'have not' young man Sidhu (Fardeen Khan) forcing them into a traumatic experience of the jungle haunted by Durga Narain Choudhary (Sushant Singh) -a-la-ala Veerappan. And no prizes to guess what happens then. Anyway if you are interested, the duo is able to dismantle (literally!) Durga, the terror of the jungle (thankfully sense prevailed and lorries full of trained police helped in undoing the embarrassingly minuscule size of the gang controlling an endless Jungle. Bungle.).

For the entire police force and other forces also who are engaged in tracing Veerappan for their lifespan now, here's a magic bullet from Ramgopal Varma: Send a girl to the Jungle and then just follow her lover when he tries to find out his beloved in the jungle where even sun struggles to throw some light and where you can find all the reptiles shown on the National Geographic channel. And bingo you will end up bang in front of Veerappan…oopps Durga Narain. And fear not, a goody goody Cobra will be waiting there to unload all its venom into your enemy (on one of them at least).

There's one pain that will have to be taken by the police though. They will have to convince the family of the girl to embark upon a holiday into a jungle that is feared not for all the deadly wild animals it stocks but for a ruthless savage who chops humans as Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor chops onions in Khana Khazana. And then surely, Veerappan (read Durga Narain) will be having a run of his life only to get stoned to death, as he will make a mistake of having a crush on the girl, causing an internal strife and distress to his lady accomplice. (An inescapable trap. Isn't it?)

Technically the film reaches the class of Hollywood movies. The cinematography is sparkling at some places. The music by Sandeep Chowta too is good and the songs are hummable. The director has nicely used Sushant's (Durga Narain in the movie) grave eyes, not giving him many dialogues. The performance by Urmila is just about fair, as she did not have much to prove. Infact not even a single scene in which she could flex her muscle completely. Fardeen Khan is certainly much better than his earlier pathetic performance in Papa's venture Prem Agan. Sushant as the dreaded Durga Narain Choudhary is stunning. His eyes exude a nightmarish terror and have been used deftly by the director. Sunil Shetty makes an impact as the courageous Police commando. He seems to be moving leaps and bound in acting with every performance. For Ramgopal Varma, he is certainly capable of delivering much better movies than this misadventure in the Jungle. Just that the story has no substance like Shiva and Satya to really say much about the director.

Keep aside your expectations from Ramu if you decide to watch this b(j)ungle.

A passable rating of: **1/2

>>>>>>>>End of Jungle review

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