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Film Review: Kunwara
Reviewer: Fultoo


Music: Adesh Srivistava
Devid Dhawan
Cast: Govinda, Urmila Matondkar, Kader Khan, Om Puri, Johnny Lever, Naghma
Allu Aravind
's Rating: 1/5

About Movie:

It is said for Govinda movies that keep your brains in your pockets and enter the cinema hall and if you offer even a damn to logic, you will be butchered on the seat by the extra terrestrial happenings on the screen. But what happens when you adopt the trick and still get butchered? Watch Kunwara and figure it out. The czars of comedy (good & bad both) David Dhawan and Govinda team up after almost a year and the outcome believe it or die, sucks.

Spare for a few sporadic funny instances, this movie replete with songs erupting every time like bolts from the blue, is absolutely a vacuum, leaving you gasping for breathe at the end of it. Story is best not told because there is none. Even if you spare a mole of consideration for the story or whatever it is, you just cannot find a link any where for the spooky things transpiring in front of you.

Raju (Govinda of course) runs a hotel in New Zealand and Urmila (Urmila Matondkar) is out there for a holiday. Both fall in love after an imbroglio (and you are suppose to laugh at that) and Raju has to return to his village. On his way he bumps into Sharmila (Naghma) whose lover is absconding leaving her pregnant. Obviously she is about to end her life from the fear of his martinet father, Thakur Balraj Pratap Singh (Om Puri) and obviously Raju has to assume the responsibility of her welfare which leads to an enormous medley of affairs that gets even ludicrous with Urmila returning home from the Holiday only to find her lover Raju is now her Jijaji. Thankfully, David Dhawan realizes that ultimately the movie has to end.

The movie which is a remake of Bavagaru Bagunnara in Telugu has a shade of comfort though with no villainous screams, no streams of crocodile tears, no tossing of four wheelers like a sponge ball, no rattling of the 'look to appear real' plastic trinkets (read guns and rocket launchers and AK 47 s and…) no chest beating of patriotism and goodliness etc. etc… Govinda is at his usual ease with such kind of roles. Urmila as Govinda's new partner appeared to be a little bit amateurish as compared to his earlier partners. Johnny Lever as Govinda's friend and Kader Khan as the Grandpa of Urmila are at their usual best and so is Om Puri as the autocratic father of the two girls.

With all this, have you ever heard of the story of the crow that after looking at swan tries to rub itself with marble thinking that this will turn it white? Well, that's what David Dhawan tried to do with Kunwara…….Kabada

Rating * (poor)

>>>>>>>>End of Kunwara review

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