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Coming soon! Hindi Film Reviews Amchi Mumbai
Film Review: Mann
Reviewer: Sapna Chhaya


Amir Khan and Manisha
Sapna Chhaya's Rating: 4.5/5

About Movie:

The second of Aamir Khan’s four movies is very different from his first movie. He displays a complete range of acting that confirms why he is no. 1.

Aamir plays Dev, a one time rich playboy who thinks nothing of flirting even when he is engaged. All this changes when he meets Priya (Manisha K.) on the cruise ship. In spite of deciding just to be good friends they fall in love. Unfortunately both of them are engaged and they have to decide between their deemag and mann. The rest of movie deals with how this tussle is resolved.

We had heard that the movie is 3 hours and 10minutes but it did not feel long to us. Aamir khan and Manisha have been really wonderful in their roles. Aamir shows various emotions from the joy of love to the despair of judaii with excellence. Manisha looks very beautiful in her simplicity. Sharmila Tagore in a Special appearance makes her mark. A couple of other surprise appearances add to the movie. Aamir’s friend overacts through out the movie. There are few superfluous characters that don’t add anything . The music by Sanjeev Darshan is melodious. Two of songs (tittle song and Tinak tin tana) are especially well performed and play in your mind long after you have left the theatre. The locations, Singapore and the cruise ship were very pretty. It was also great to see the beauty of Jammu Kashmir after a long time. The overall direction is good but there are a few gaps (why is Sharmila Tagore stuck on that island?).

Mann is a must see for those who love love as well as for Aamir and Manisha’s fans. Others may find the movie slow and a bit out of touch from reality.

>>>>>>>>End of Mann review

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