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Film Review: Mast
Reviewer: Sapna Chhaya


Cast: Urmila Matondkar, Aftab Shivdasani,Dilip Tahil and Smita Jaykar
Producer & Director: Ramgopal Varma
Music: Sandeep Chowta
Theatrical release: October 15, 1999
Approximate Running Time: 2 hours, 45 minutes
Sapna.Chhaya's Rating: 4.5/5

About Movie:

The movie starts with the young college lad Kittu (Aftab Shivdasani),who spends less time in the classroom compared with obsessing over his favourite Bollywood heroine, Mallika (Urmila Matondkar). At home, Kittu talks to her posters on his bedroom wall, and 24-hours a day, he's day-dreaming about dancing with her, and rescuing her from villains. Kittu's lack of interest in studying leads him to a major family conflict with Daddy (Dilip Tahil) and in a anger of obession and confusion,he leaves his home to meet the woman of his dreams in Mumbai. In real life meeting such stars is bit difficult but lucky for Kittu, he gets the chance to talk face-to-face with her. He finds her an innocent and lonely soul dancing at the words of her evil Mama (Govind Namdev) and his evil family. (Similar to Cindrealla) The rest of this entertaining tale shows how Mallika and Kittu help one another realize one another's dreams. The first half of the movie is more of dream sequence and stuffed with songs. If you sit through this, you will be rewarded since the second half is really good.

Watching 'Mast' is like watching a crazy film fan and a fairy tale all in one. Ramgopal Varma knows that film fans want a happy ending for the film to work. Earlier on though, he brings forth images and concepts which are all too much to believe. In heart of every human there is too some extent this fanship alive which makes us take our loved ones to see our fav stars in movies. But how many of you know how unstable and emotionally insecure the lives of most film stars are?

Varma shows us all this and more. You can take the film at face value as an entertainer, but watch it carefully a few times and you're sure to find lessons about life and humanity. Lending able support to Varma's vision are deeply selected characters and AftabS hivdasani (Kitu)shows as a bit young and aimless when the movie opens, but as you watch the movie, you'll learn that this bit of casting makes perfect sense considering Kittu's immaturity and innocence. Urmila Matondkar(Mallika), looking heavenly beautiful,just dances in kittu's dreams.When he finally meets her, Urmila delivers a fine performance as an emotionally and psychologically afraid innocent girl trapped by the family. Dilip Tahil and the nowadays often seen mother, Smita Jaykar are gracefully credible as Kittu's parents. The scenes in which Dilip Tahil is shown a great fan of Rekha makes us really laugh.The unknown actress who plays Kittu's sister is also nice.Neeraj Vohra and his friends at the U-Turn Hotel are realistically personified, while Govind Namdev demonstrates okay in role of mama. Special mention goes to Antara Mali (Nisha) (photographer Jagdish Mali's daughter) who delivers an excellent, natural acting as Kittu's best friend and lover. Rarely you see new comer deliver such lovely piece of acting in their first film.

Piyush Shah shows us the majestic visuals of South Africa and Namibia through his camera lens.The choreographry (Farah Khan and others) of slightly westernized dance adds to the perfection of the songs. Urmila is all taking audiences in the female version of "Main Mast". The music by Sundeep Chowta is simply marvelleous..few lovely songs are "Ruke ruke si zindagi", "Asman kahta hai" of all lovely songs. Ramgopal Varma Director and producer of film has never disheartened by the flopping of his films like Daud and Raat bombed and Kaun did average business. And it is this healthy attitude which helps him deliver such great cinema one film after another.

Ramgopal Varma has got the talent for presenting very cerebral ideas in simple and very entertaining manner. Mast falls in the category with Rangeela, those which are likely to be appreciated by both the masses and classes. Did you know that Varma was completely flattered by Sridevi in his younger years? Mast's Mumbai rickshaw driver is periodically there to recount poor Varma's story of love and disheartenment for not getting Sri devi.

On whole though Mast is a bit of fairy tale but it is definetly Mast see movie.
>>>>>>>>End of Mast review

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