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Coming soon! Hindi Film Reviews Amchi Mumbai
Film Review: Taal
Reviewer: Sapna Chhaya


Cast : Akshaye Khanna, Aishwarya Rai, Anil Kapoor
Director : Subhash Ghai
Sapna.Chhaya's Rating: 3/5

About Movie:

The film begins with the "Kariye na" song sung by Tara Babu (Alok Nath) for Aakashwani Jullandhar. He lives in Chamba (HP) with his daughter Mansi (Aishwarya Rai) and runs Tara Babu Sangeet Vidyalaya. Mansi has also two cousin sisters, Ila and Shanno all very pretty (-8. A rich family (Mehtas) with a wicked aunt from England lands in Chamba for some vague business venture worth hundreds of crores. The head of the family is Amrish Puri in a 'normal' role with a mother-less son Manav (Akshaye Khanna). The second song soon follows - the title son "Taal se taal mila" picturised on Mansi, Ila and Shanno and rain. Eye-catching Himachal Pradesh in rains, it looks so beautiful! Manav sees Mansi there. The love between Manav and Mansi blossoms in the valley. The rain (plus a Sony Mavica digital camera) plays important part. Amrish befriends Tara Babu by presenting A Sarswati idol and gets his (vaguely defined) work done. At Mania's (Mansi's friend) wedding, the fire between Manav and Mansi is fully ignited with the sensuous melody of "Ishq beena kya". The first of the many 'Coke' sponsored scenes occurs. Soon after, Manav has to leave for Mumbai. Before that though the lovers have another tryst in rain and mist, leaving a 'Did they or didn't they?' doubt in the viewer's minds. Before Manav leaves, Mansi gifts him a red scarf with the word 'Manavsi' written on it, explaining that it stands for "Manav jaisi Mansi". This is just one of many things in the movie that don't make any sense and makes you wonder if the director did not have enough time to explain.

Tara Babu finds out about the affair soon after Manav leaves. The phone scene between Manav and Ila is good. Manav being the hero of the film handles things well and with a few minutes of convincing talk with Tara Babu, the phone is with Mansi. Now story becomes the usual rich v/s poor. Tara Babu and Mansi land in Mumbai to meet the Mehtas and talk about marriage. They get insulted by the Mehtas (I guess everyone except Mansi and Tara Babu expected this) and Mansi decides to end the relationship. Enter Kappu - Vikrant Kapoor (Anil K., looking better than ever) with a jazzy version of the tittle song. Kappu runs an entertainment company and offers Mansi the chance to be his lead singer. Mansi, persuaded by Prabha (Tara Babu's cousin, played very well by Mita Vashishth) takes the offer and launches her career.

Meanwhile Manav clears his own 'galat fehmi' and starts working on winning back Mansi. Mansi rebuffs him. In one such moment is the beautiful "nahi saamne" by Hariharan. A male 'virah geet'. And since rain who plays role of a friend or enemy depending on if lovers are together or away from each other - it has to be there with Manav at Marine Lines for this song.

Mansi and Kappu have a spat over Kappu continuously asking whether she loves Manav and she leaves his group. When they meet again (after Mansi realises her mistake), we get to enjoy another rhythmic song ("Ramta jogi") with Sukhvinder batting on front foot with Alka Yagnik. Soon after, Kappu gets full 'ehsaas' that he is in love with Mansi and he proposes.

While at the MTV International competition in Toronto, Mansi reads about Manav's daredevil effort to save the red scarf (with the strange word) from a fire.

Another Coke sponsored scene here. Mansi decides to sing with 'dil' as per Kappu's suggestion and we hear the BEST SONG OF TAAL - Kavita K's 'ishq bina kya'. The rest of the film is melodrama until hero gets the heroine.

Aishwarya Rai adds another feather to her cap after Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. She has less dialogues and only few of them hard. She looks very beautiful as usual. It seems that stars are lucky for her. After HDDCS this is the second good role for Aishwarya and she doesn't disappoint. As the village girl who is groomed to perfection by a street-smart music director she plays her part to perfection. Akshaye is utterly endearing both as the dashing city slicker and later as the poignantly vulnerable yet hopeful lover. One just hopes that he did not repeat the 'mere dil mein eeshwar' line so often. Anil Kapoor infuses the character of Vikrant with the right amount of complexity and buoyancy, playing the role of a composer who steals and remixes tunes to make fast bucks. He is THE ramta jogi. The futuristic beats of A.R. Rahman coupled with the some of good singers makes for great music. Sukhwinder is excellent in his renditions of 'Ni Main Samajh Gaya', 'Kariye Na', and 'Ramta Jogi'. A. R. Rahman's score will take time to grow on you but one can always be sure of his genuine efforts, which are a class apart. Kavita Krishnamoorthy is also at her peak.

On to Subhash Ghai: he needs to have better story/screenplay next time with someone else doing the editing. He promoted the movie as the first Bollywood movie with a website which is patently absurd! However, this salesmanship has paid off: Taal is in US top 20 films bagging millions of dollars. It has already created records in the first week of its release.

In the end, 'Taal' stands out for it's glossy look, beautiful compositions and Aishwarya Rai! Nothing new in the movie but you can see it once for Aishwarya, Anil Kapoor and excellent songs.

Corporate sponsors for movie : coke ( although we see pepsi, mirinda too), MTV, Kenstar, BPL, Filmfare, Manikchand Gutkha etc.
>>>>>>>>End of Taal review

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