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4 films for this Friday (21 September)

15 September 2012

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4 interesting small budgeted films are lined up for the release this Friday (21 September).

1. Avunu is a thriller directed Ravi Babu. Ravi Babu has made this film based on the own experiences narrated to him by actress Yami Gautam. This film is about a lone woman experiencing the sense of somebody watching her.

2. Vennela 1 ½ marks the debut of comedy actor Vennela Kishore turning into direction. Most of the film is shot in Thailand and it has entertainment in terms of comedy. Director Vennela Kishore is coming up with unique and crazy publicity campaigns.

3. Housefull is directed by Ajay Bhuyan (Dhada fame). This film was in cans for more than 2 years and is finally seeing the light of day this Friday. This film is said to be a ‘points of view’ film that has different perspective for three characters in Rashomon pattern.

4. Charulatha is a bilingual that is distributed by Geetha Arts in AP. This is based on a Thai film titled ‘Alone’ and features award winning actress Priyamani doing two roles as conjoined twins.

Avunu and Charulatha are thrillers and Vennela 1 ½ and Housefull are comedy films. We have to wait and see how much of revenue these films collect in the first week as the much expected mass film Rebel is releasing in the following week.


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