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6th May 2005

The Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce has set up an Anti Piracy committee earlier to curb piracy. From today the committee has started an Anti Piracy Cell that will work towards the eradication of Pirated Video CDs.

Talking about the specialized Cell, K S Rama Rao said, "The government has taken steps and is looking into the matter of video piracy, but the producers council also wants to take an active part in this. So, we set up a particular Anti Video Piracy Cell that will operate from Hyderabad and bring all those accused to justice."

M Shyam Prasad Reddy who is the acting Chairman of the Anti Piracy Committee elaborated on the operations of the Cell. He said, "The Cell has come into operation from yesterday, we have started to receive calls from all over the state about the various piracy CDs in circulation. Our plans are to completely eradicate video piracy by the end of at least the next two years."

Elaborating further he said, "We are also planning to legitimize all the VCD parlors in the state, so that they have no need to distribute pirated VCDs. But before that it will take at least another 4-6 weeks to get this act under Preventive Detention act. This does not mean that only the video shops will be checked, we are also going to find the source and try to weed it out with the roots."

The organizational structure of the Cell was also elaborated, "A main head quarter is at the office premises of Film Chamber of Commerce, here we also have a Legal Department, and this will be headed by a retired Magistrate and will help us in the legal matters. We also have started a Control Room that is being headed by a few retired police officers who have actually worked in the control room. There are going to be six sub divisions in six different areas, Hyderabad region, Cyberabad region, Warangal region, Vijayawada region, Vishakapatnam region, Ananthapur region."

"Any one who has information about pirated CDs, can call us on the toll free number: 1600 4250111, or on the mobile number: 98487-27272. These lines are open from 9 am to 9 pm."

Keshav Reddy, a retired SP who is heading the Anti Piracy Cell said, "We have started this organization with one purpose that is to eradicate video piracy totally, but for this we need the help of people and the media. With help from them it is going to be much easier to bring down piracy."

"It is going to take us some time, a minimum of three months to go ahead in full steam. But we are also trying to see to it that cases of this nature are dealt with on a fast pace and the culprits are brought to quick justice. We promise to eradicate video piracy totally very soon."

Any information about pirated CDs call: 1600 4250111 (Toll Free) or 98487-27272

- Aditya


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