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Act in Gunasekhar - Allu Arjun ’s film and be treated like stars!
50 families from Hyderabad wanted!!

01 December, 2008

allu arjun

50 real families from Hyderabad Needed
Popular creative director Gunasekhar (Choodalani Vundi & Okkadu) is going to direct a huge film with Allu Arjun as hero very soon. He is going to cast 50 ‘real’ families. He is looking for 50 families of urbane orientation from Hyderabad.

Star treatment with date’s adjustment
Gunasekhar will be treating the selected families like stars. The dates of the shoot involved with the families would be scheduled in such a way that it suits the convenience of the families. The scenes with these selected families include a shoot of around 40 working days.

Entire family can act together
So, here is an opportunity to work in this huge film along with your family. The requirement is for the entire family starting from 0 year just born babies to 100 year old elders. The entire family can act together (no need to one person from one family acting with another person from another family).

The interested families can mail their family photo along with the contact phone number to [email protected].
Only families from Hyderabad should apply for this casting call!

Last date for the entries is 10 January!!

Note: The photos sent by you will not be shared with anybody. Complete discreetness and privacy is guaranteed!!


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