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Nandamuri Bala Krishna recieves Samman Award

27th February 2003
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The Income Tax department on 27/02/2003 held "Samman Function" felicitating the prompt and highest taxpayer in the charge of Commissioner of Income Tax, Hyderabad - I. The Samman Award was conferred on Sri. Nandamuri Balakrishna, a doyen of Telugu Film Industry, in a function graced by Sri GR Reddy, Chief Commissioner of Income tax, Hyderabad - I, Sri R Venkatramaiah - Chief Commissioner of Income tax, Hyderabad - III, BP Sah, Chief Commissioner of Income tax, Hyderabad II. The function was attended by distinguished invitees from the Income Tax Department, film industry and Chartered Accountants and other prominent citizens. Sri Mallikharjuna Rao, Secretary of Movie Artists Association, Sri B Gopal, Sri Medikonda Murali Krishna, Sri M S Reddy, Sri Paruchuri Gopala Krishna also graced the function.

The welcome address started with the narration of achievements made by Bala Krishna throughout his distinguished career spanning 25 years. He started his career as a child artist in 1972 through 'Tatamma Kala', which has won him the best child artist Nandi award for his performance. He acted in great films like Danaveerasurakarna, Mangammagari manavadu, Aditya 369, Samarasimha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu. He would be receiving the illustrious Nandi best actor award for his performance as Narasimha Naidu soon. Balakrishna - 42 now - had been making tax assessment since 1973-74 and is selected as the highest and prompt tax payer for the financial year of 1998 - 99 for the Hyderabad - I region.

Talking on this occasion, Mr. K Chandrahas - Commissioner of Income Tax, Hyderabad - I said that Samman award is presented to highest taxpayers at national and regional levels. Bala Krishna is the only eligible award winner for the Hyderabad region for the above said period. Chandrahas termed Balakrishna as the wonderful taxpayer.

Mr. Chandrahas told that the tax payments in Hyderabad film industry are way below compared to that of film industry people in Mumbai and Chennai. Generally IT people have the reputation of being the harassing type. But, IT is developing the human face and trying to treat the citizens in an amicable way. He also explained how the film artists in Chennai keep a part from their remuneration aside so that they can pay it as Income Tax.

Mr. GR Reddy commended that Balakrishna is the only man to be eligible to receive Samman award for that period. Mr. Venkatramaiah said that paying income tax promptly shows the patriotism of Indian citizens and sense of his dedication towards his country. He has taken the example of developed country and explained how the responsibility of citizens played a vital role in country's economical development. Film industry being glamorous field, he urged the film stars to become the role models in paying Income taxes. Mr. Sha said that the Samman award winners would not be scrutinized by IT people for the next three years and whatever these award winners access would be accepted at face value for the next 3 years.

MS Reddy had a string of praises and a free-flowing poem for Bala Krishna for his good deeds. Paruchuri Gopala Krishna said that people like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna and Bala Krishna set an example for the fans to pay tax promptly. He urged that IT should also encourage the prompt taxpayers though they don't earn much.

Bala Krishna in his emotional speech felt that he is very much honored by this kind gesture from IT department. He opined that Samman Award is the most honorable and befitting award he ever received. He said that he is been promptly paying tax since 1972 and by doing so there is so much of self-satisfaction of helping the country as a citizen. He gave the total credit of this award to his auditors (Seeta ramaiah, Koteswara Rao, Ram Mohan, Nanda Gopal and Subba Rao) for helping him out. Bala Krishna - with a glint of wetness in his eyes - felt that his father NTR would have been there at the occasion to see his son getting an award like this. He said that he is repaying the debt to NTR for giving him the birth as his son by receiving Samman Award.

Talking about his acting experience, Bala Krishna felt that acting does not laughing or shouting. It needs more that that. Balakrishna - while looking towards his wife - said that he missed his family life due to his acting career. He said that he is very much proud of his country India. He is also happy that every paisa he gives to IT department goes as small contribution towards the development of the country and upliftment of downtrodden in India. He assured that he would be most obedient taxpayer forever.

Smt. Vismita Tej - Joint Commissioner of Income Tax proposed the vote of thanks.

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(Photos by Giri)

Bala Krishna

The stage is set

Bala Krishna recieveing Samman award from Chandrahas

Bala Krishna recieveing Samman award from Chandrahas

Bala Krishna

Mallikharjun and paruchuri Gopala Krishna honoring Bala Krishna

Medikonda Murali Krishna honoring Bala Krishna

B Gopal honoring Bala Krishna

The proud Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna
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