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100 days function of DIL
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14th September 2003
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The film Dil starring Nitin and Neha in the direction of VV Vivinayak has become a good hit. Venkateswara Arts banner has celebrated 100 days function of Dil in a set erected at 1st floors of Annapurna studios in style on the evening of 14th of September. Suma anchored the event.

This function was attended by the mass star NTR, youth heroes Prabhas and Allu Arjun. Directors Rajamouli and Dasaradh were also invited as guests. The producers who graced this occasion include Allu Arvind, KL Narayana, Bellamkonda Suresh, BV Reddy and C Kalyan.

The credit should go to VV Vinayak
Speaking on this occasion, producer Raju said that the whole credit for the success of this film should go to VV Vinayak. Raju said that he has come from the distribution field and it is an encouraging thing because the first venture Dil has become a blockbuster.

We wanted to act in such a film
Prabhas said that after watching the Dil film he and Allu Arjun opined that one should act in such kind of films. Nitin has performed better in Dil compared to his first film Jayam. Prabhas commended that the dialogues written by Sukumar for this film are excellent.

I appreciate music sense of VV Vinayak
RP Patnaik said that when the story was narrated to him, he gave the tune of 'Enduke Ila' to VV Vinayak and was skeptical whether he accepts that tune or not. RP said that he composed all the tunes in the film except for 'Gajulu Ghallumannado' song.

I am acting in Raju's next venture
Allu Arjun used 'dil-jil' adjectives by saying 'ee Dil choosina pratisaari naaku Jil mantundi' (remember the usage of Jil word with Sunil in 'Gangotri' film). Arjun always wanted to Dil kind of films. He has special thanks for the producer Raju because Raju would be producing Allu Arjun's 2nd film in the direction of Sukumar.

Its like Aadi 100 days function to me
NTR explained the genesis of the 'Aadi' project. When he went to Swiss for the shooting of 'Student No.1' song, a person called Bujji came and introduced himself to NTR and said that he was having a nice director VV Vinayak who had a good script. NTR asked them to narrate the story when he return back to India. When Vinayak called NTR to narrate the script in India, NTR said that he was not having more than 25 minutes of time and with in that time Vinayak should narrate the film in 3 points - beginning, interval and climax (NTR did this to avoid Vinayak). And NTR got so much engrossed in the narration that it took 2 and half hours for Vinayak in narrating the film. NTR referred Vinayak to Naani and Naani also liked the project. Then Vinayak said that this film was going to be made in the mould of class blockbuster 'Nuvve Kavali'. But NTR said that he wanted a mass blockbuster like 'Narasimha Naidu'. Vinayak developed the script further and come out with the completely entertaining Aadi script in just 3 days. NTR said that he would not forget Vinayak for giving him the first mile stone of his career - 'Aadi'. Since Aadi's 100 days function was not held, NTR opined that Dil function is like Aadi 100 days function to him.

NTR said that Nitin is like his brother (Nitin is 2 years elder to NTR) and share the happiness of all his successes. NTR said that Nitin worked really hard and he was even got injured during the making of Dil film.

All the credit goes to Vinayak
Hero Nitin said that people praised him that he did well in his second film Dil. But that credit should go to VV Vinayak because he extracted such a kind of performance from Nitin with that characterization. VV Vinayak narrated the script of the film in one hour. Nitin said that he knew the producers Raju and Giri since from the days of his childhood. He thanked everybody for making Dil such a big hit.

NTR is my brother
VV Vinayak said that he and NTR are like siblings though they do not share the blood relationship. Vinayak said that he saw the photo of Nitin for the first time in Hotel Balaji while browsing Superhit film magazine. At that time Vinayak told NTR that he would direct Nitin in future as he looks good. Vinayak gave special commendation to hero Nitin and said that he acted without dupe in daring stunt sequences in the film.

This function was started with the mimicry show by actor Siva Reddy. Choreographer Raja Sekhar's team performed dances for songs from NTR's Aadi film. Shankar's troupe performed to the song from Dil film.

Report by G Narasaiah

Photo Gallery (Photos by Giri)
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