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100 days function of Okkadu
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1st June 2003
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100 days function of Mahesh Babu's Okkadu is arranged in a grandeur style at Vijayawada on 31st May 2003 on the eve of Superstar Krishna's birthday. Here is the report of the function

The Travelogue: (31st May 2003)
The unit of 'Okkadu' along with producers, directors and press started from Rama Naidu studios at 8:30 am in a fleet of 7 A/C buses. Mahesh Babu dressed in a red color shirt and black pants looked dashing. The producers and directors who accompanied the crew include YVS Chowdary, Jayant C Paranji, Raasi Narasimha Rao, Bellamkonda Suresh, Ambica Krishna, K Prasad (Sridevi banner) etc. The unit reached Uma Resorts, Ibrahimpatnam by 3 pm for lunch. Later on the unit is shifted to Punnami Resorts (by AP Tourism), which are located on the bank of river Krishna by 4pm. Then the unit is taken to the venue by 5pm. The helicopter of CM Chandra Babu Naidu landed at the venue by 5:30pm.

Politicians all the way
Dharmavarapu Subramanyam who is entrusted with the anchoring responsibilities started called celebrities and guests on the dais by 5:45 pm. The politicians who were invited for the function were Chandra Babu Naidu, Krishnam Raju, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Narasimha Rao, Kagitam Venkat Rao, Anuradha (Mayor of Vijayawada), Sudha Rani (ZP Chaiman of Vijayawada) and Kolli Sarada (VUDA Chairperson).

A book written on Superstar
B Teja has written a book of Superstar Krishna. This book is released by Chandra Babu Naidu and gave the first copy to Krishna.

Krishna in awe of Chandra Babu Naidu
Since CM Chandra Babu Naidu was in a hurry to go get back to Hyderabad, Krishna has spoke about Chandra Babu Naidu in a short speech. Krishna said that Chanda Babu Naidu mesmerized the people of Andhra with his sincere hard work. Chanda Babu Naidu does not posses any glamour, but came to power again for the second time only because of his services to the satisfied public of Andhra Pradesh. He also said that Andhra Pradesh state is lucky to have Chandra Babu Naidu as its CM.

CBN amazed with the quantum of Okkadu Success
Chandra Babu Naidu said that he has seen 'Okkadu' film and is amazed by the quantum of success it has achieved. He commended that Krishna in incomparable to any other star in the industry. He said that Mahesh Babu excelled a lot in the brilliants stunts of 'Okkadu'. He said that he also heard that Nijam film that is released a week back has become a great success. He appreciated MS Raju for erecting a Charminar set worth 2 crores. He said that hero of Okkadu fights factionism in the film. Since the common man is fed up with faction fights and politics and is welcoming the change, Okkadu film also catered to the needs and wants of common man, which is also one of the reasons for the success. He wished Mahesh Babu many more successes.

MS Raju donates 10 lakhs
MS Raju presented a cheque worth 8 lakhs to the CM's welfare fund and he also donated 2 lakhs towards 'Vijayawada Welfare Police Fund' as an appreciation for the marvelous security measures taken by police to organize this function.

Krishna Raju pleads fans of Mahesh and Prabhas to unite
Krishna Raju said that he saw Okkadu film on 30th of May. He commended the screenplay of Guna Sekhar, which made all the viewers sit with attention through the duration of 3 hours. Krishna Raju said that Guna Sekhar approached him 15 years back to narrate a story in which he is supposed to play a role. At that time itself Krishnam Raju was impressed by the narrative skills of Guna Sekhar. Krishnam Raju said that the making of this film reflects the rich taste and gusty guts of the producer MS Raju. He is awe of Mahesh Babu's performance and realistic aggression in this film.

Krishnam Raju said that he and Superstar Krishna ruled the film Industry for 35 years. Though they were at loggerheads professionally, they made sure that fans don't quarrel with each other. There were incidents when Krishnam Raju's fans celebrated the success of Krishna's films and vice versa. Likewise, he requested the fans of Mahesh Babu and Prabhas to be united all the time.

Talking about his efforts in National politics, he said that he put efforts to get industry status to the film industry. With those efforts, IDBI has agreed to grand 2 crores of loan per film. But then the small producers complained that the Government should also help them. With Dasari's persistence RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has given permission to commercial banks to fund the producers of small films. Krishnam Raju assured that he would put more efforts get more facilities to Telugu film industry.

Okkadu is a hit without any controversies - Dasari
Speaking on this occasion Dasari said that Superstar Krishna has become synonymous with sensation. He said that there is a sensational history behind Krishna. He is one of the stars who got selected when Adurthy Subba Rao gave a paper advertisement for the selection of artists for the film 'Tene Manasulu'. Krishna is the first star to make his debut in an Eastman color film through Tene Manasulu. He also created sensations with Alluri Seetarama Raju and Mosagallaku Mosagadu. Dasari said that Krishna struggled a lot of because of his frankness and kind heart. At the same time no other actor achieved such a great successes like Krishna.

Speaking about 'Okkadu', Dasari said that most of the films become hit due to controversies, but Okkadu is an exception and it became hit on its own merit. Dasari said that Rayapa Raju (father of producer MS Raju) produced a film 'MLA Edukondalu' in his direction. He said that director Guna Sekhar always proved that he is different and creative with films like Lathi and Bala Ramayanam. Dasari mentioned that Okkadu is a director's film. He commended Guna Sekhar as a director whom every Telugu speaking person should feel proud about.

Dasari said that Vijayawada is a place of sentiment for Mahesh Babu. Mahesh Babu made his debut through a film called 'Needa', which was shot in Vijaywada city. Mahesh Babu's 1st 100 days function is also being organized in Vijayawada as well. Dasari also appreciated Mahesh Babu's comments in an interview where Mahesh said that Okkadu success is the first success he is enjoying. He also warned Mahesh Babu to be different from the heroes who always think that films run because of hero. He requested Mahesh Babu to be practical like he is today. Dasari opined that Mahesh is the only heir in this film industry who does not imitate one's father/brother. He said that action comes naturally to Mahesh and complimented him as a natural actor. He also said that success is a dangerous devil and it dances on the star's tongue and make him/her speak nonsense. Hence, Dasari advised Mahesh Babu to go for creativity but not for craze.

Dasari said that Mani Sharma is the son of Sharma who used to work with Ramesh Naidu. Mani Sharma has the ability to score all kinds of songs with rich orchestrization and ease. Dasari commended that Paruchuri brothers has the knack of writing apt dialogues that suit each and individual heroes. He also appreciated Vijayan for composing tremendous fights like that ladder fight in Okkadu. He reserved a best compliment to Prakash Raj by saying that 'Prakash Raj is an asset to Telugu film industry'.

Mahesh should be called as Charming Prince - Briz Kishore
Briz Kishore is all praise for the prince Mahesh Babu. He remarked that its unfair to call Mahesh Babu as prince. He should be called as 'Charming Prince' instead!

Little superstar proved with Okkadu - Vijaya Nirmala
By referring to Mahesh as the little superstar, Vijaya Nirmala said that she has a very good judgment about the film. There were instances when she predicted the box office fate of the film after seeing the film and all her predictions turned out to be true. After seeing Okkadu, she felt that there was no mistake from the director and it was the best film ever done by Mahesh Babu.

Mahesh would do 100 more films like Okkadu - Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao
Speaking on the occasion, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao mentioned that it was Krishna who encouraged them the most after NTR. He said that they got the first chance to write for Krishna's film when he acted in his 202nd film Eenadu. After that Krishna acted in 122 films and Paruchuri brothers wrote dialogues for 42 films for Krishna. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao felt that Okkadu is just the beginning for Mahesh Babu and that he would act in 100 more films that would attain the success rate of Okkadu.

Mahesh is a worthy son to a worthy father - Paruchuri Gopala Krishna
Paruchuri Gopala Krishna started off the speech in his own style by saying that entire India is in love with two letters called 'Rama'. The entire crowds at this function are in love with two words called 'Krishna'. Paruchuri Gopala Krishna repeated the dialogue from 'Okkadu' that goes like 'Magadu Digadu. Digithe Vadaladu'.

Paruchuri said that Dasari is like Bheemudu. When Bheemudu eats his dinner, there is nothing left to eat for other people. Likewise, if Dasari gives a speech, then there is nothing left for the following orators to speak about.

Paruchuri said that Krishna has got a heart of gold. Mahesh Babu is the worthy son of worthy father like Krishna. Paruchuri wishes that Mahesh would get many more successes like that of 'Okkadu'

Mahesh is the tiger cub (Pulibidda) - Vijayan
Vijayan gave the most animated and exciting speech in this function. He said that story is like Dosa and other things add like masala to dosa. Okkadu is a film that has got terrific story. Vijayan mentioned that there are some heroes who compose their own fights and dances instead of leaving them to the trained and able professionals. But Mahesh is different in that aspect. Vijayan commended Guna Sekhar by saying that Okkadu is the only film that had perfect involvement from the 24 crafts of cinema field. Vijayan appreciated the guts of Mahesh Babu for not using any dupe for the risky fights. He also said that Mahesh is one hero who creates lots of action impact with his intense looks. Okkadu film has all realistic emotions by Mahesh Babu. Vijayan said that he has been composing fights for Mahesh Babu right from his childhood film of 'Mugguru Kodukulu'.

I am proud of Mahesh Babu - Superstar Krishna
Krishna narrated his observations with Mahesh Babu as an actor.

Needa: Mahesh Babu's first screen appearance is in Needa where he was seen in a shot where he would be tearing papers while crying.

Poratam: Mahesh Babu accompanied Krishna to the shooting of 'Poratam'. Director Kodi Rama Krishna was impressed by Mahesh and asked who he was. When he came to know that Mahesh is the son of Krishna, Kodi offered him the role of Krishna's brother. After seeing the preview, producer Doondi enquired who that kid was. After coming to know that he is the son of Krishna, he said that Mahesh would become star one day.

Sankhaaravam: Krishna used to go to Ooty for shooting during summer. Mahesh did a small role in Sankhaaravam film. When he reached the shooting spot, Mahesh found another kid dressed in the same style. When enquired about it, the unit members replied that he is the dupe for Mahesh. The innocent Mahesh asked about what the dupe would do. Then the unit members replied that dupe does risky stunts. Mahesh asked the dupe to do it. Then that dupe jumped from a wall. Without thinking twice, Mahesh also repeated the same and told the unit members that he does not need any dupe.

Koduku Diddina Kaapuram: Mahesh used to come in absence of Krishna to the sets and used to act in all risky shots, as Krishna would not allow Mahesh to do any risky shots if Krishna were there on the sets.

Krishna said that he is proud of Mahesh. He gave compliments to MS Raju as the producer of guts. MS Raju came forward to make the movie when every producer went back on the promise by saying that budget would be too high. Krishna said that he predicted Okkadu to create all time record after seeing the 1st copy of the film. He also predicted that Okkadu shall become a milestone in the career of Mahesh like Alluri Seetarama Raju for Krishna.

Krishna also felt that the collections of Okkadu are affected by cricket world cup, draught and examinations. If, these hurdles were not there, Okkadu would have collected a share of 10 more crores. He also commended that director Guna Sekhar did a perfect job in screenplay.

Krishna said that he saw the film 'Nijam' twice and is impressed by it. He thanked the crowds for making Nijam a successful film.

Okkadu is the first birthday gift to my dad - Mahesh Babu
Mahesh Babu - who let his works speak - spoke very few words on this occasion. In a humble gesture, Mahesh Babu dedicated the success of Okkadu film to the technicians. He said 'hats off' to the producer MS Raju for blindly investing 12 crores of money by putting faith on the team. Mahesh Babu said that he never gave any birthday gift to his father Krishna so far. Mahesh said that success of Okkadu is his first birthday gift to his father. Mahesh waved at the crowds and said 'I Love You All'.

The most well organized function
When you have lakhs of hardcore fans coming to attend and celebrate the success of their favorite hero at a single point, everybody expects ruckus. But Krishna fans are different. They are known for their discipline. The entire function went on smoothly with the cooperation of fans of Krishna and Mahesh Babu. A great effort is put by the police of Vijayawada to make this function a grand success. Vinod Raju - the cousin of MS Raju - is the man who took care of the entire organizing responsibilities and made this event a memorable one.

Shields List:

S. No Presenter Receiver
1 Chandra Babu Naidu Guna Sekhar, MS Raju, Mahesh Babu, Paruchuri Brothers, Mani Sharma, Prakash Raj, lawrence, Ashok Kumar, Bhaskar Raju, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, srikar Prasad, BS Raju, Jasti Hemamber, Koganti Satyam, Niharika, Subbaraju
2 Krishnam Raju Raju Harwani, Ramanaidu Color Labs, Sangeeta Sr, Lab Technicians, Madhu Sudhan Reddy, Penta Media Fx, Sound effects, Mahati Recording theater, National Liho Printers, Dubbing and Premixing, Kiran Posters ads, Stills Das, Makeup Raju, Trailers Junaid
3 Dasari GV Sudhakar, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Anand Cine Services, MAA TV, Taher Sound, Junior Artists suppliers, Direction department, Narsing Yadav
4 Krishna Nizam Exhibitors
5 Prabhudeva Ceded Exhibitors
6 Prabhas Andhra Exhibitors
7 Sangeeta Uttarandhra Exhibitors
8 Krishna Satya Rangayya, Satya Ramurthy, R Venkat Reddy, KLN Raju (all financiers) and distributors


1. MS Raju proved that he is lavish producer in not only making films but also in providing best of the facilities during the organization of the function.

2. The organizers had some problems on the evening of 30th May, when it drizzled a little. On 31st also it drizzled for 10 minutes just before the start of the function.

3. MAA TV covered this function. It used 9 regular cameras and one jimmy zip camera. Jimmy Zip camera is used to take moving shots on crowds using a crane.

4. While calling Mahesh Babu on dais, Dharmavarapu commended Mahesh as 'Chichara Pidugu … Nippula Adugu'

5. Heroine Bhumika could not attend the function due to prior commitments.

6. The guests Uday Kiran could not attend the function as he was in Switzerland to shoot for Suresh Productions film.

7. There was lots of response from the crowds when Vijayawada cop Surendra Babu was called upon dais to accept the 2 lakh fund towards Vijayawada Police Welfare Fund

8. Dasari referred to Krishnam Raju as 'maa abbai katakatala rudraiah' (Dasari directed Katakatala Rudraiah).

9. Superstar Krishna's memorable song 'Telugu Veera Levara' was shown on the LCD to the delight of the crowds.

10. There was a great applause from the crowd when Suma announced that Okkadu is the first Telugu film to run in 24 centers for 100 days.

11. Anchor Suma made errors while reading out the 100 days centers when the shields were presented to the exhibitors. She referred to Guthi as 'Gooty' and Ravulkapalem as 'Pavulapalem'.

12. Prakash Raj said 'I love you' to the crowds the way he tells 'I love you swapna' to Bhumika in Okkadu film.

13. Prabhas said that after seeing the crowds at this function, Prabhas realized why Krishna fans love Krishna so much.

14. Lawrence and Sangeeta entertained the jam-packed crowds with their dances to Mahesh babu's songs.

15. The unit had a lavish dinner at a grand party arranged in the grounds of Siddardha Academy, Vijayawada while returning to Hyderabad.

Photo Gallery (Photos by Giri)

Dasari speaks

Dasari speaks

Mahesh babu lighting bday cake

Krishna blows away the bday candle

Vijayanirmala, Krishna & Mahesh

Krishna feeds bday cake to Mahesh

Vijaya Nirmala & Krishna

MS Raju & Krishna

Krishna & Manuula

Krishna & Mahesh Babu

Krishna & Mahesh Babu


Krishna & Manjula

CBN, Mahesh & Guna Sekhar

The guests with Mahesh

The waving celebs

MS Raju, Krishna & Vijaya Nirmala

The waving celebs

The waving celebs

Chandra Babu & Mahesh Babu

Manjula, Mahesh, Guna

Vijaya Nirmala, Krishna, Dasari

Vijayanirmala, Krishna, Teja (writer), CBN & Mahesh Babu

CBN giving book to Mahesh


CBN presenting cheque to Surendra Babu

CBN giving shield to Mahesh

CBN shield to MS Raju

CBN shield to Mahesh

CBN shield to Guna Sekhar

CBN shield to Paruchuri brothers

CBN shield to Lawrence

CBN shield to Prakash Raj

CBN shield to a technician

CBN shield to Ashok

CBN shield to Mani Sharma

CBN shield to Vijayan

CBN shield to a technician

CBN shield to Dharmavarapu

CBN shield to BA Raju

Dasari shield to Muralikrishnam Raju

Dasari shield to Narsing

Dasari shield to Gowtamraju

Krishna, CBN & Mahesh Babu

Krishna, CBN & Mahesh Babu

Krishnamraju shield to Raju Harwani

CBN, Mahesh Babu & Dasari

Krishnamraju shield to Sangeeta Sr

Vijayanirmala, Krishna, CBN, Mahesh & Dasari

Dasari shield to GV Sudhakar


Paruchuri & Mahesh

MS Raju, Mahesh, Guna Sekhar

MS Raju, Mahesh, Guna Sekhar

Vijayan & Lawrence

Mahesh Babu

Krishna to Gundu hanmantha Rao

Mahesh speaks

Krishna & Mahesh Babu

Krishna, Mahesh & Guna

Ceded distributors presenting memento to Krishna

Memento to Gnaneswar (Sudarshan35)

Memento to Dasari

Lawrence & Sangeeta





Sangeeta, Guna sekhar

Mahesh & Sangeeta

Mahesh, Guna, Sangeeta

Sangeeta giving shield

Mahesh in the crowd

Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala

Dasari & Guna Sekhar

Krishna, CBN & Mahesh

MS Raju's flowers to Dasari

Krishna, CBN & Mahesh

MS Raju's flowers to Mahesh

MS Raju's flowers to Mahesh

MS Raju's flowers to Krishna

MS Raju's flowers to Vijayanirmala


Krishna & Vijaya Nirmala


Mahesh & Manjula


Grandmother of Mahesh

CBN & Krishna


YVS & Grandmother of Mahesh

Krishna feeding cake to Dasari


Prabhudeva, Guna sekhar & Mahesh

Krishna & Mahesh giving cheque to CM

Prabhas, Mahesh, Guna


Prabhas giving shields

Prabhudeva, Guna sekhar & Mahesh

Mahesh & Guna Sekhar

Prabhas giving shields





Lawrence & Sangeeta













Mahesh & Krishna


Chandra Babu Naidu


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