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125 days function - Arya
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8th September 2004
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Allu Arjun's Arya completed 100 days in 56 centers by making Allu Arjun the only star to have two consecutive debut blockbusters with each running for 100 days in more than 50 direct centers. 125 days function of the blockbuster Arya was held at a packed open auditorium at Lalithakala Thoranam, Hyderabad on 8th September. Chiranjeevi is the chief guest of the occasion, as Sumanth and Gopichand and special invitees.

Arjun's performance is energetic - Sumanth
Speaking on the occasion actor Sumanth said that he is well wisher of Allu Arjun and Allu Arjun is a well wisher of him. He saw the film Arya in a public theater. Sumanth commended that Allu Arjun has got tremendous energy in his work and he carried entire film on his own shoulders.

Actor Gopichand congratulated Sukumar. He opined that the work done by Allu Arjun is extraordinary.

Chiranjeevi predicted the success of Arya - Sukumar
Director Sukumar said that there are two edges (popularity and fan following of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan) to the magnitude of success of Arya. He also remembered that it was Chiranjeevi who predicted the success of Arya after watching the preview a day before release. He thanked each and every artist and team member for their contribution. While taking the shield from Chiranjeevi, Sukumar also called two co-directors (Prakash and Vema Reddy) who helped him a lot.

Film industry needs more hits - Chiranjeevi
Chiranjeevi said that it is becoming increasingly difficult for a film to run for 100 days. That's too in more number of centers! Chiranjeevi also opined that Telugu film industry needs many more hits.

Sukumar's home work and hard work is inspiring - Chiranjeevi
Speaking about Sukumar, he said that a small different idea could lead into a brilliant film and Arya is an example of it. Chiranjeevi remembered the day when Sukumar narrated the story to him before the approval of project. Sukumar had done his hardwork and came to Chiranjeevi with every minute detail in his control. Chiranjeevi affirmed that many directors should work hard like Sukumar to make the film industry a better place.

Raju knows audience pulse - Chiranjeevi
Speaking about the producer, Chiranjeevi said that Raju knows the mass pulse and how things work. He is also extremely good at tapping new talent and utilizing it to the maximum extent.

I am jealous of Amalapuram song - Chiranjeevi
Chiranjeevi admitted that he is jealous of Allu Arjun getting 'Aa ante amalapuram' tune in 'Arya'. But after listening to Devi Sri Prasad's compositions in Shankar Dada MBBS, he felt that there are three mass songs in Shankar Dada MBBS that are as good as 'Aa ante amalapuram'. He complimented Devi Sri Prasad for giving such a great music.

Chiranjeevi commended that balanced performance of Siva Balaji. Rathnavelu has done a fantastic job, Chiranjeevi opined.

Allu Arjun is a Stylish Star - Chiranjeevi
Chiranjeevi remembered one incident when a friend of Allu Arvind called up him to find out there is any job for his son in film industry, as his son is becoming wayward in their village. Chiranjeevi laughed at that incident for the image Telugu film industry is carrying. Likewise, one fine day Allu Arvind said to Chiranjeevi that his 1st and 3rd sons are doing pretty fine. But his second son Allu Arjun has become a troublesome problem to Allu Arvind as he was not doing well in studies. But Allu Arjun wanted to join film industry. That's how Gangotri was made followed by Arya. Chiranjeevi highly praised Allu Arjun for his stylized performance and called him as 'Stylish Star'. Chiranjeevi felt that the dances of Allu Arjun have electricity, preciseness and energy.

Hats of to Pawan Kalyan - Chiranjeevi
Speaking about Gudumba Shankar, Chiranjeevi said that Pawan Kalyan has worked for this film with vengeance (kasi). He made the film entertaining from 1st frame to the last frame. Chiranjeevi said that he would meet the fans along with Pawan Kalyan on 100th day of Gudumba Shankar.

Shankar Dada MBBS in month end
Chiranjeevi tipped his fans that Shankar Dada MBBS would be releasing in the month end (probably 29th September).

Devi Sri Prasad organized the entire show with his indomitable zest. Shilpa Chakravarthy and Gayatri Bhargavi anchored this event.

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