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Batukamma 50 days function
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June 20, 2008


Batukamma, a Sindu Tolani starrer, today celebrated its 50 days function at RNR auditorium, Hyderabad. Made on Kakatiya Films banner, the film was released on May 1st with 9 prints and today is being screened with 25 prints. TFPC president Tammareddy Bharadwaja, heroine Sindhu Tolani, former Central minister Vidyasagar Rao, balladeer Gaddar, prolific revolutionary writer Ramulu, R. Narayana Murthy and others attended the function. The speakers appreciated producers Saraswati Ramamohan Rao and Bakkapati Vanaja for their patronage to the propagation of Telengana culture and tradition. Director T. Prabhakar received rich praise for his non-commercial and message oriented film. It was earlier expected that Dr. Dasari and Srihari would be coming, but it didn’t happen.

Don’t sing T card for power: Tammareddy
Tammareddy Bharadwaja said: “I belong to a category of people who are in a dilemma – as to which region we belonged to – coastal or Telangana. A number of people talk and talk about the Telengana issue, but most of them are power-mongers. A real Telangana leader should work for the ongoing movement and not whip out tensions as politician in the name of Telengana. I thank Batukamma director for his efforts in showing the crux of the regional problems.

People gave me just pass marks: R. Narayana Murthy
R. Narayana Murthys said: “My movie Erra Samudram got released the same day with Batukamma on May 1st. The audience gave me just 35% marks and asked me produce another film. But, they gave 50 marks to Batukamma and still want it to run for 100 days and more. The mouth publicity for Batukamma was so strong that it is spreading to all districts in Telengana like wildfire. It is worth a release in other areas also –coastal and Rayalaseema. Batukamma doesn’t belong to one particular region, but the tradition of celebrating the might of land and water is universal. I want the producers to release the film in all Indian languages.”

Batukamma is an art film: Gaddar
Gaddar said: “Batukamma projected the Telangana problems effectively. Three factors – land, water and naxalism – represent Telengana issue. The film proved one thing, that is, art (kala) has no religion, language, caste and taste. It is universal.”

Don’t forget small producers, heroine told
Sindu Tolani thanked director Prabhakar and producers for giving her the opportunity to work in one of the most complicated characters in her career. At this point, Narayana Murthy advised the heroine, “Don’t hike your remuneration as Batukamma became a hit. Make yourself available to the producers and directors who love to sustain cultures. Don’t give much importance to money.” To this, Sindhu Tolani said she would.

Dull beginning, charged climax
The dull atmosphere with more political touch got charged with vigor and shakes at the climax when Goreti Venkanna, who played a vital role in the film, sang the title song – Bathukamma Bathukamma – and danced in hysterical pitch. Another writer sang Jai Telangana song much to bring spirit in the auditorium.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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