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Black and white 50days function
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October 12, 2008


Black & White, a crime thriller starring Rajiv Kanakala and Sindhu Tolani, today celebrated its 50 Days function at Hampi Restaurant, Hyderabad. The film made on Maithri Films is produced by Uday Kiran and directed by Srikanth Vemulapalli. The lead pair, Rishi, Allari Naresh, Uday Kiran (hero), Suhasini, Marthand, Vijay Kurakula, Vanamali, Prakash and prime crew of the film were present.

Srikanth Vemulapalli said: "I thank the Telugu audiences for making this film a bit hit. Though we shot this film for money, we have succeeded in making the people aware of their social responsibilities. But, we have to make efforts to see that the film reached the target audience. We also couldn't get the required number of theatres. If we could get a change in the matter related to the theatres availability for small films, it will be a great development. I will take all steps not to repeat the mistakes which I might have done in my debut film."

Rishi said: "I haven't seen this film, but heard that the movie is fine. This 50 days function is a big proof of its success."

Uday Kiran P (producer) said: "We shot this film with several commercial elements. I thank the audience for their patronage to the film."

Uday Kiran (hero) said: "A number of film are releasing each week. The future of a number of persons in the industry is dependent on them. I request the audience to support the films keeping in mind this truth. As the names of mine and the producer of this film are one and same, some people asked me whether I was producer. But, I have a heartfelt feel for this film."

Allari Naresh said: "I saw this film. Rajiv Kanakala is a fine artiste. I learnt film acting in their institute. I feel like acting in the direction of Rajiv Kanakala."

Suhasini said: "The films of Rajiv Kanakala are celebrating their fifty and hundred days functions. He is a wonderful artiste."

Rajiv Kanakala said: "I am extremely happy that my friends have come to participate in this 50 days function of my film. I thank the audience for their support to Black & White."

Sindhu Tolani said: "I thank all the audiences who have made this film a hit. I also congratulate the producer and director this film."

Music director Vijay Kurakula, Stunts master Prakash, lyricist Vanamali, Editor Marthand K. Venkatesh also spoke and expressed their happiness at the film celebrating its 50 days.

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