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50 days function - Chandramukhi
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2nd June 2005
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Nazar was in a hurry, Jyothika was ravishing and Prabhu sported a simple white cotton dhothi. Everyone at the function to celebrate the 50 days of Chandramukhi were trying to see if Jyothika would change into Chandramukhi and mouth a few Tamil words.

Nazar left after briefly talking to the press even before the press meet had started. He said, "I simply loved the character that I played, although I look rough in the film it is a comedy role. Director Vasu had great confidence in me and encouraged me to do a rough comedy kind of role. But it is the audience that passed the final verdict and made the film a success."

Then after a while the remaining of the cast members came and continued the press conference. First to speak was P Vasu the director, "It is a very happy occasion for me as this film proves that not only my scripts but also my direction is accepted by people. I am thankful to both the Telugu as well as the Tamil audience for making the film a huge success."

"The success of the film is the result of all the group efforts put in by our whole team of technicians. This is the first time that Rajini sir is seen in such a different kind of role. But being a star that he is he doing a role like that one is really his modesty. Even that producers have been confident in me and encouraged me to do a good film."

Prabhu who is a producer for the film in Tamil said, "I feel that the success of the film is a blessing to me from God, my father and people who made the film such a big hit. The success of the film has two reasons; one is Rajini sir and the second is Vasu. They are the pillars that supported the success of the film."

"Everyone must have seen the movie so I need not specify just how good Jyothika was in the film. She is one of the few young starlets who are dedicated and hardworking."

"But it would be wrong to say that the film was only a Tamil film or a Telugu film, because I feel that both these film industries are an extension of the other. Rajini sir is some one that has to be specially mentioned during this success. He is one of the most modest men that I have ever met. He being a big star still pays respect to one and all."

Finally when it was 'Chandramukhi's turn', sorry Jyothika's turn she was very selective about her words. She said, "I felt more like an artist than a heroine on the sets, most of the time I was just imitating Vasu. So, what you see on screen is just what Vasu was telling off the camera. I would like to thank Rajini sir for giving me the opportunity to take the center stage in one of his film."

Vadivelu who could not speak any Telugu took the help of Vasu, who translated the speech. He said, "I would like to speak but I am scared because Jyothika is sitting beside me. Although I have done about 400 films, it was a great experience to work with Rajini sir under Shivaji Productions. I am happy that the film is a humungous hit in both languages simultaneously. I also feel that Telugu and Tamil industries are just extensions of one another. If given an opportunity my next film would be a Telugu one with Vasu directing it. Also would like to thank Brahmanandam for dubbing his voice."

Producers Karunakar Reddy and Parthasarathy thanked the audience for making the film a success.

- Aditya

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