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BIG 92.7FM goes ‘BINDAAS’
Unveils new programmes
Film actor Allu Arjun launches the new programming chart
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May 5 2008

All of us have seen Hyderabad change from a “city of dreamers to a city where dreams come true”. On may 5th Hyderabad witnessed a change that is sure to get everybody excited as BIG 92.7FM, Hyderabad’s No 1 Fm station unveiled its new line up of programs for the confident, successful, ambitious and BINDAAS Hyderabadi. Noted film actor and youth heartthrob Alu Arjun along with BIG 92.7FM RJ’s unveiled the new programmes in style.

With a press of the remote, Alu Arjun along with the BIG RJs Shekar, Jo, krish, Chetan, Adonica, Raj and Archana unveiled the new programs on BIG 92.7FM. As the curtain went up colorful balloons and confetti blasts ensured a BINDAAS launch. The excitement continued as BIG RJ Shekar invited ‘Bunny (Alu Arjun) to interact live with his fans and BIG 92.7FM listeners. As RJ Bunny took to the mike he kick started his show by playing the BINDAAS theme song composed and sung by all the BIG RJs.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr, Ashwin Padmanabhan- Station Director, BIG 92.7FM said, “it’s a great moment for our listeners, with changing times, the hyderabadi’s have become more confident and sure of themselves, they have become BINDAAS in their approach to life and BIG FM captures this change through its new BINDAAs attitude. With its new content, BIG 92.7FM will continue to capture the Vibe of the City and become a role model for all the listeners across Greater Hyderabad”.


Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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