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Announcement: Ravi Teja - Rajamouli combination film
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5th September 2005
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ML Kumar Chowdary is going to produce a film with Ravi Teja as hero in the direction of Rajamouli. An announcement about the same was made at a press meet arranged in Sri Keerti Creations office. Here are the excerpts of press meet -

Hero Ravi Teja said that he agreed upon acting in a film of Rajamouli a couple years back and found the right script now.

Starts on Dec 1st and releases for Summer 2006
Director SS Rajamouli said, "We are still in the process of cooking the story. This story would have non-stop entertainment. This film would be different from the three films I have done so far and would suit the format of Ravi Teja. I am very impressed with Idiot film and I particularly liked Ravi Teja's performance in the scene in which he says the dialogue - nenu chachipothe nuvvela batukutave? Shooting of this film would start on 1st December 2005 and this film would be releasing for Summer 2006."

Producer ML Kumar Chowdary said, "I approached Rajamouli after Simhadri film and he promised that he would do a project for me. I have been asking Ravi Teja right from Idiot time to make another film. This combination got lot of craze now. It was Puri Jagan and Ravi Teja who gave me life after I went into hibernation due to the flop of Joker film."

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