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Appreciation Meet - Mrugam film
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September 21, 2008


Mrugam, the Telugu dubbed movie of Tamil hit movie Mirugam, was screened to some of the elite directors' community in Telugu film industry this evening at Prasad Labs preview theatre, Hyderabad. Senior directors Sagar, N. Shankar, VV Vinayak, V. Samudra, Chandra Mahesh, and Krishh (Gamyam director), Ravi Raja Pinisetty, his son and hero Aathi Pinisetty (alias Sai Pradeep Pinisetty) were among those who watched the film. Padmapriya did the heroine in the film, made on Karthik J. Movie's banner. Music is by Sabesh Murali. Later, the directors came out with their response to the film, the performance of hero and the skills of director Swami.

VV Vinayak said: "I will be doing a film with Sai Pradeep (hero) in the near future. All our directors' fraternity holds special respect and admiration for Ravi Raja Pinisetty. The hero showed a special pattern in his histrionics. The way how the director dealt with this interesting subject is highly commendable. He took a simple point and turned into a great film."

Sagar said: "I and Raviraja are schoolmates. Everyman will have his genuine dreams. When they are not fulfilled life becomes miserable. When they are achieved, the life will have its true meaning. This is the main theme of the film. Director Swami could bring out the pictorial presentation to this critical and delicate theme. Ravi Raja Pinisetty's younger son and hero (Sai Pradeep Pinisetty) showed extraordinary performance in this film with two different body languages. He will definitely become a great artiste."

Relangi Narasimha Rao said: "I and Raviraja Pinisetty are close friends right from our school days and we studied in the same school. I never expected that his son (hero) would give such a mind-blowing performance and extraordinary action. Heroes like him will have longevity in their career."

Krishh said: "To do a film like Mrugam, a perfect batch of artistes and technicians is required. This seems to be the secret of this film. In fact, both the director and the hero have shown us the real punch of a wild animal (Mrugam). I am happy that a Telugu man has come to wield a powerful influence in Tamilnadu. Our Telugu hero awaits excellent future."

Ravi Raja Pinisetty thanked the directors and the industry elite who watched the film and appreciated it. "Actually, I didn't want my son to become an artiste, but he proved his mettle and for which I am so happy. My elder son will soon be getting into direction."

Sai Pradeep (Hero) said: "I am thrilled at the admiring remarks of the elite here about my film Mrugam. I became confident the minute I heard the subject. It made me so confident about my role. And I finished the movie with double confidence. I need the blessings of the film industry and the audience." To note here, the hero earlier made his presence in Teja's film Oka Vichitram.

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