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Audio launch - Anumanaspadam
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January 13, 2007

Maestro Ilayaraja was the main attraction of the audio launch of Vamsi’s latest cinema ‘Anumanaspadam’. EAPT (Entertaining Arts and Performance Theater) banner is producing this film. Vamsi and Ilayaraja team up again after a gap of over decade. Aryan Rajesh and Hamsanandini played main leads. Audio of this film was launched by Ilayaraja at a function arranged in Ravi Narayana Reddy auditorium in Jubilee Hills on the morning of 13 January 2007.

K Raghavendra Rao, EVV, Aswini Dutt, Gemini Kiran, KC Sekhara Babu, Koti, Keeravani, Devi Sri Prasad and RP Patnaik attended this function as guests.

Producer Satish Tati said, “My dream of producing a film in the combination of Ilayaraja and Vamsi is coming true after 15 years. I am satisfied as we succeeded in making a good film.”

Another produce Jai Arnala said, “Film has turned out to be very good. It will be another musical hit in the combination of Vamsi – Ilayaraja.”

MM Keeravani said, “Ilarayaja is the most powerful and influential music director. I got inspired by him. I always wanted to sing in Ilayaraja music direction.”

At this moment Ilayaraja responded by singing a song and asked Keeravani to join in the rendering.

Koti said, “I worked as a guitarist at Ilayaraja for a few songs. We composed 100s of songs using the beats given by Ilayaraja. The combination of Ilayaraja and Vamsi is impeccable.”

RP Patnaik said, “Ilayaraja is an inspiration to many music directors like me. I feel fortunate to have sung ‘Chirugali veechene’ song for Sivaputrudu film from Ilayaraja.”

Devi Sri Prasad said, “I don’t keep photographs of deities in my studio, instead I keep a photograph of Ilayaraja as I regard him as the God. Our lives would not be the same if not for Ilayaraja. I feel extremely fortunate to share the stage with the maestro.”

EVV said, “I worked with Ilayaraja for Aa Okkati Adakku film. I am a huge fan of Vamsy. He came to film industry four years before me. Each and every film of Vamsi offer variety. There is so much to learn from him. I wanted to produce this film, nobody came forward. I am happy that my son Rajesh is doing male lead.”

K Raghavendra Rao who never spoke in any public function said, “If Ilayaraja is Jagadeka Veerudu, then his music is Athiloka Sundari.”

Music starts when speech stops – Maestro Ilayaraja
Responding to the praises heaped on him Ilayaraja said, “I do not attend functions because everybody ends up praising each other. There will not be any criticism. I attended this function for producers and director Vamsi. But here also everybody praised me. It is not important how much music we know. Music should know us. If you reverse a sentence in any language, there will be no meaning. But if you alter and play with ‘SaRiGaMaPaDaNi’ it will be meaningful and pleasant. Nobody is capable to giving certificate to music. We can only adore music. I don’t want to speak about myself. The music should speak. People who listen to music should speak. Music starts when speech (words) stops.'

Madhura Entertainment bought the audio rights.

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