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Audio Function of 'Palanati Brahmanaidu'
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21st May 2003
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Balayya released the audio of the his latest film Palanati Brahma Naidu today in a grand function organized by Aditya Music at Holiday Inn, Hyderabad. The guest list of the function includes Preeti Jinganiya, Asha Saini, B Gopal, Medikonda Murali Krishna, VSR Swamy, Paruchuri Brothers, Mani Sharma, Lawrence, Fight Master Raju, Nagabhairava Koteswara Rao & MS Reddy along with the regular producers of Balayya's films. The function, which was slated to start at 7 pm, was delayed by an hour due to the late arrival of Paruchuri brothers who had to come from the wedding function of Honorable Minister Devender Goud's son.

Paruchuri Gopala Krishna

'Pourushala Telugunaadu Palnaadu
Kaarampoodilo puttina magabiddani
Ikkada maaku mooti meeda kaadu, chitikenavelu meeda kooda meesam molustundi
Adi Palnati Pourusham

This is the opening dialogue of Paruchuri Gopala Krishna's speech. Gopala Krishna said that the strength of the hero lies in going to villain's house and challenging them. Here is one such dialogue from the film

'Vooru Karampudi
Area Palnadu
Maa Vooriki nela meda raavochu
neeti meda raavochu
aakasam meda raavochu
railu meda raavochu

maa intiki rendu gummaalu.
Veedhigummam dwara ravochu
Peratigumman dwara raavochu

Holiday lo raavochu, working day lo raavochu

Any day, anytime!

Sudigaali cheppakunda vastundi.
Nenu cheppi vastaanu

He said that there is another mass dialogue in this film which goes like

'Nenu gattigaa gaali peelchi vadilithe .. aa vediki maadi masaipothavu raa!'.

He said that Balayya is acting as Bhavani Prasad who has characterizations of Brahma Naidu and Sonali Bendre is doing the character of Siva Nageswari who has the characterizations of Nayakuraali Nagamma.

He said that another powerful dialogue from this film is 'Guppeta Vippano .. Gunde Paguluddi'.

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao narrated how the basic plot for the movie was formed. He went to Kotappakonda to meet minister Kodela Siva Prasad. He said that there is still a system prevalent where some warriors in Palnadu cut their hand for blood so that they can mix it with the water of 'Naguleru' river for every Karthika masam. This point led towards the formation of the story.

Brahmanandam is said to have gone to the dubbing theater to request to see a scene in the film. That scene led him to request the staff to show the entire second half. After watching the film, Brahmanandam was so mesmerized that he could not do dubbing for his role and postponed it to the next day.

Venkateswara Rao said that Andhra Pradesh is suffering with draught of good films and Palnati Brahma Naidu would satiate all the thirst of audiences of Andhra.

Venkateswara Rao humorously complimented director B Gopal as 'Darsaka Jalaga' (Leech), because of the kind of efforts he demands from his technicians. He also said that the getup of Brahma Naidu with 'joolapala juttu' is superb for Bala Krishna.

MS Reddy

MS Reddy said that he has been to the sets of Brahmanaidu for more than 20 times in the locations like Kotappakonsa, Karampudi etc and found that the team was putting the best of their efforts in the midst of scorching summer.

Nagabhairava Koteswara Rao

Nagabhairava praised Balayya as the worthy son of a worthy father. He also took a dig at other actors by saying that some actors tried following the dialogue delivery of Balayya and failed. He said that Lal, Bal and Pal (Lala Lajapati Rai, Bala Gangadhara Tilak and Bipin Chandra Pal) were instrumental in getting independence for India. Like wise Bal, Pal, Gopal (Bala Krishna, B Gopal & Paruchuri Gopala Krishna) are instrumental in the success of Palanati Brahma Naidu.


Brahmanandam said that he also belongs to Palnadu area as his hometown is Sattenapally. He narrated an incident where around 5000 fans had surrounded the shooting of this film in Kotappakonda. When things were going to be very difficult for cameraman, Bala Krishna asked the crowds to clam down by putting a 'namaskaram' and the entire crowd calmed down by respecting the request of Balayya.

Brahmanandam narrated a scene from Kotappakonda episode in this film. A goon comes to that place and asks the crowd

'Bhavani Prasad ekkada'

Then somebody replies that 'ninnu champataaniki Bhavani Prasad enduku? Chitti Mallu (Bhavani Prasad's kodipunju) chaalu'

Then they tie a knife to the legs of kodipunju and Bhavani Prasad summons that kodipunju to kill that goon. Kodipunju chases the goon and kills him. Then follows the scene of police coming for investigation.

Then a comedian explains to the police that

"Manishi Manishini champithe adi hatya
Manishi Kodini champithe adi koora
Kodi manishini champite … adi news'

When police refused to listen to this logic, the people out there set 1000's of kodipunjulu free and all these kodipunjulu chase the polices to faraway distances.

B Gopal

B Gopal, talking about the dedication of his team members said that Mani Sharma composed a song for this film inspite of suffering from fever. While speaking about the perfection of Lawrence, he said that Lawrence made Balayya and Arti Agarwal do 52 takes before okaying the shot in Kulumanali. He complimented the producer saying that while other producers carry money in suitcases, Medikonda carried money loaded in TATA Sumos.


Balayya said that as wars took place between kings of different kingdoms, for the first time in the history, wars happened between ministers of Kingdom (Brahma Naidu and Nayakuralu Nagamma) in Palanadu. Balayya said that incidentally his Gothram and Brahma Naidu's Gothram is same, which is Recharla. Towns like Macherla, Perecharla, Chejarla were named on this gothram.

He jocularly complimented Mani Sharma that he has become a factionist and terrorist among the music directors of the present generation.

While speaking about Paruchuri brothers, he said that capable writers always look for heroes who can utter their dialogues with power. Likewise, the heroes who can utter ferocious dialogues always look forward for capable writers who can write powerful dialogues.

He said that there are 9 villains in this film. He uttered the following dialogues amidst the thundering cheers of the fans

'Kannerra Chesina Tarvatha kapalam pagilipovalsinde'
'Muddachesi chesi chooste muppai Kglu kooda raavu' (with Sonali)
'Saraswati, Lakshmi, Padmavathi, Swathy ……. Inni perluvundagaa aa palnaati paruvu teesina aa nagamma peru pettaventi nee kooturiki' (Balayya with Jaya Prakash who is the father of Sonali Bendre)
'Bharatam raasina vyasudiki, ramayanam raasina vaalmikike ardham kaani characterni raa nenu!'

He said that Jaya Prakash Reddy is playing the character of 'Nagayalanka Narasimha Naidu' in this film.

Balayya finally declared that he would speak about the film again in 100 days function of the film.

A special feature in this audio function is that they conducted a minute fight between kodipunju of Balayya (Chittimalli) and kodipunju of Sonali in the function. Another special attraction was a statue of original Brahmanaidu that was displayed at the venue. Chalapati Rao compered the event.

Checkout for more photographs of this function on 22nd May 2003

Photo Gallery (Photos by Giri)

Balayya with Preethi

Balayya with B Gopal

audio release

audio release



Balayya, Preethi and her dad

Ambika Krishna, Balayya, Preethi

Medikonda, Chalapathi, Balayya

Balayya with B Gopal, Preethi and her dad

Lux papa - Asha Saini

audio release

Lux papa - Asha Saini

Lux papa - Asha Saini

Paruchuri, Balayya, Medikonda

Balayya to Mani Sharma

Balayya with Paruchuri brothers

Paruchuri, Balayya, B Gopal

Lawrence & Mani Sharma

Balayya with Preethi

Paruchuri and B Gopal

Mani Sharma

Balayya with Preethi

Kodipunjula pandem

The stage is set

Brahmanaidu replica





Balayya garlanded by fans

Narasimha Naidu heroines

cinematographer VSR Swamy

Producer Medikonda Murali Krishna

Balayya garlanded by fans

Balayya garlanded by fans

Asha Saini
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