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Chalaki music launch
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25 April 2010

Music of Aditya Babu’s debut film ‘Chalaki’ was recently launched in Hyderabad. Madesh directed this movie and Hari Krishna provided music.

This function was attended by Aditya Babu, Roma, Bianca Desai, SS Rajamouli, Ram, Sharwanand, Dil Raju, KL Narayana, KS Rama Rao, Bhogavally Prasad an Hari Krishna.

Rajamouli launched the audio and gave the first unit to Ram.

Rajamouli said, “We can Aditya’s hard work in the trailers of Chalaki. I liked the songs. I hope that Chalaki will be a good opening movie for Aditya.”

Ram said, “I Know Aditya since my childhood and we are good friends. He became a successful producer by doing Jagadam and Arya 2. I am sure that he will be successful as hero also.”

Aditya Babu said, “I would like to thank each and every cast and crewmembers who worked for Chalaki. Chalaki is the story of a guy who joins a women’s college. Movie is narrated in an entertaining style. There will be good comedy as well. We are releasing Chalaki for this summer. I wish that Telugu audiences bless Chalaki by making hit a success.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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