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Audio launch - Chandrahas
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April 24, 2007

Audio of Haranadh Policherla’s latest film Chandrahas was launched at a function organized in Prasad Labs on the night of 24 April. Shiva Shakti Dutta (father of MM Keeravani) is making his debut as director with this film. Krishna is doing the role of Chatrapati Sivaji and the story of the film revolves around the sword of Sivaji.

K Raghavendra Rao and D Rama Naidu attended this function as guests. Krishna, Haranadh Policherla, Astha Singhal, Shivashakti Dutta, MM Keeravani, Sri Valli (Vel Records) attended this function.

Speaking on the occasion Superstar Krishna said, “Chandrahas has a historical backdrop and I felt happy when I was offered to play Chatrapati Sivaji role. I wish that this film will give success of Shivashakti Dutta and Haranadh.”

D Rama Naidu said, “Haranadh produced an award winning film in the form of Hope in which I acted in the lead role. He has selected right team and produced Chandrahas in budget. Shivashakti Dutta has got grip over his direction.”

Music director Keeravani said, “I happened to sing for Krishna who donned Chatrapati role in this film. I feel very happy to work for a film directed by my father.”

Director Shivashakti Dutta said, “I penned all songs of the film. I felt very happy that Krishna has gracefully accepted to play a vital role in this film. Haranadh got into the skin of character. This film is a result of team work.”

Hero and producer Haranadh Policherla said, “Krishna is my inspiration for acting. I came to the film industry with a good taste and doing films with good values. I feel lucky to have produced an award winning film in which the great producer D Rama Naidu acted in the lead role. Krishna enlivened the role of Chatrapati Sivaji. I acted as the man of 16th generation of Sivaji. Chandrahas is a musical action fantasy movie.”

Vel Records released the audio.

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