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Music launch - City life
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June 30, 2008


Audio of City Life, which stars RK (of Angrez and Hyd..Nawabs fame) in the lead role, got released this morning at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad. Aditya Music is marketing the album. Produced by P. Venkateswara Rao, an ex-journalist, and directed by prolific writer Souda, it has music by new comer Pratapvidyasagar. Venu Madhav does a special role in the film. Pragati anchored the event. It is made on Perfect Visuals banner. Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, Chandra Siddarth, B. Jaya, RK, Gottimukkala Padmarao, city-based builder Syamsunder Reddy, Mohani Patel, Rupa Kaur, Chandrana Chakravarty (female artistes) and others graced the occasion.

Paruchuri Gopalakrishna released the audio CD and presented the first number to B. Jaya. The audio cassette was unveiled by Gottimukkala Padma Rao, who gave the first number to Chandra Siddarth. Earlier, each of the five songs in the album was released by each of the dignitaries on the dais: Kodipilla (Gottimukkala); Om (Syamsundar Reddy); Microsoft (Jaya), Thelathela vare (Chandra Siddarth); and, Nee Nadakala Kindha (RK).

I liked the song on sex: Paruchuri Gopalakrishna
Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, chief guest of the function, said: “I liked the Om (about Vatsayana kamasutra) very much. From people 16 to 60 will like various artistic ways of seeking pleasure as prescribed by the ancient writer. I knew both producer Venkateswara Rao and director Souda, who came from journalistic background. Souda oka Maha Rachayita (great writer) and his greatness will come into limelight to the future generations like that of Kalidasu. Several years, several people came to film industry without actually knowing anything about the film making. I was also one among them. After coming here, we tried to adopt a scientific approach towards the film making. On the request of the Telugu university, I have been teaching the art of screenplay for several years without taking any remuneration. I am happy that producer of this film provides not only the story, but also lyrics (three numbers), and screenplay. I hope these two – Souda and Venkateswara Rao – did the film with scientific approach. These days it is painful to hear usage of unchaste Telugu in films and TVs as well. I want this drawback to go soon.”

No longer women at theatres; only youth
“Majority of the audiences are from the youth segment. Those days, we were told that if you want the movie to become a hit, make the women audiences cry. Gone were those days. The women are no longer coming to the theatres. It is now only young boys and girls coming in pairs. I recently watched the film Ready. The same thing happened. They are watching everything. If they don’t like something, they simply go out and enjoy soft drink and snacks and again come back to have the entertainment. This way, I hope City Life has the power to pull the young crowds to the theatres,” Gopalakrishna said.

No bloodshed, no vulgarity: Producer Rao
Producer Venkateswara Rao said: “During the shoot, as producer I didn’t face any practical problem, but enjoyed everything like a picnic. We wanted to do a variety film with all newness. We carefully watched the changes in society. It is slowly but powerfully getting influenced by the western culture. What it holds out for a City don in the backdrop of globalization. We took this point and gave hilarious treatment. The message of the film is that – the humanism (Manavatvam) will never get rot or die. It is immortal. There is no vulgarity and bloodshed here. It is 100% entertainment.”

Good Movies & Bad Movies: RK
RK, who debuts into Telugu films, said: “The producer sent two journalism students to me. They asked me whether I was interested to do a lead role in other banner. I said Yes. They wanted 25 days call sheets. I said Yes. They wanted me to writer my dialogues. I said Yes. With my experience I tell, there are two kinds of films. They are not high-budget and low-budget films. But, good movies and bad movies. City Life falls into the former category.”

Film music is ultimate: Debut music director
Pratapvidyasagar, the debut music director, said: “With what all knowledge I hold now, I know that film music is the ultimate. It is that passion which brought me here.”

All the guests wished the City Life team a grand success.

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