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Ekaloveyudu music launch
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September 21, 2008


The music of Uday Kiran's ready for release film EkLoveYudu is released tonight at RNR Auditorium, Lotus Pond, Hyderabad. The film made on Sri Venkataramana Films is being produced by Medikonda Amarchand (son of ace producer Medikonda Murali Krishna) and director is KRK, a protege of Ravi Raja Pinisetty.

Hero Uday Kiran, KS Rama Rao, B. Gopal, Sekhar Suri, Ravi Raja Pinisetty, C. Kalyan, Devi Vara Prasad, KRK, Anil Krishna (music director), Ramesh Krishna (cinematographer), Medikonda Murali Krishna were among those who attended the audio function. Supreme Music is marketing the album. The film is set for release as Dasara gift.

KS Rama Rao released the audio CD and presented it to hero Uday Kiran. B. Gopal unveiled the audio cassette and presented it to Ravi Raja Pinisetty. Singer Geetha Madhuri anchored the event.

KS Rama Rao said: "Medikonda Murali Krishna is a producer with guts. With his film Narasimha Naidu (2000), he broke the industry records held by many senior producers like us. His conviction and commitment are rare qualities. I am happy that his son Medikonda Amarchand took up the production, heralding the new wave of young producers. In this context, I wish to inform you that the YSR government on September 8th released a GO, issued proceedings lifting the hiking of ticket prices the big films. This has now brought equality of distribution for all the films. It is a welcome sign. And I hope EkLoveYudu will become a blockbuster and bring new future to Uday Kiran and all the brilliant team of this film."

Ravi Raja Pinisetty said: "When most of producers, directors and heroes prefer to work with big music directors, though they had not given any chart busters in the recent past. This way I appreciate Medikonda Muralikrishna for his daring step in entrusting the music to new comer Anil Krishna. KRK worked with me for several years as assistant director. He is a man of creativity, but I suggest him to control his emotion. I wish him all the best."

Devi Vara Prasad said: "Medikonda's Narasimha Naidu did remove our films during that time from the theatres. Such was the stupendous hit of a film was that? I hope that magic will repeat with EkLoveYudu." In this connection, he went emotional to say, "These days our heroes are getting lakhs of rupees and even crores as remuneration. But, they don't come in their cars. They shamelessly ask the producers to arrange cars for them. This trend should go."

C. Kalyan said: "Gone was the time when heroes used to come to our offices in Chennai. Now, we are going to their offices. Why should we go to them? It is high time, the producers and directors encouraged young and talented new comers. Until and unless this trend is encouraged, it is very difficult for our industry to have its longevity. This way, Medikonda gave chance to all the new comers – director, music director, producer and most of the crew. I have no doubt; the film will become a blockbuster."

KRK said: "I tried to show Uday Kiran as an allrounder in this film, though his fans and general audiences were accustomed to see him as lover boy. Bob Antony (villain of Pasivadi Pranam) is doing a vital role in this film after a long gap. I am thankful to the producer for extraordinary technical support."

Uday Kiran said: "I thank the audiences for their big support to my recent film Gunde Jhallumandi. I hope they would also patronize EkLoveYudu. The music is brilliant. KRK's direction is mind-blowing. Though I don't know Anil Krishna much, I found his music extraordinary. I thank Medikonda Murali Krishna garu for giving me an opportunity to work with their big banner." Interestingly, an impressive gathering posted at the back benches started shouting – Uday Kiran Zindabad – as and when Uday Kiran rose to speak.

Anil Krishna (Music director) said: "When Murali Krishna garu asked me to see him, I thought big banner like his would be like a tiger's den. But, I was thrilled at his cordial smile. When I composed tunes not only the producer and director but hero Uday Kiran also liked them and asked me to proceed. I specially thank my hero for his gesture."

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