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Posani's Gentleman music launch
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November 3, 2009


Music of Posani's latest movie Gentleman was launched at a function on the night of 3rd November. Sairam Shankar, Srikanth, MLA Kanna Babu, C Kalyan, Posani Krishna Murali, Samudra, K Vasu, Nallam Srinivas, Mallik Sharma and Akash attended this function.

Srikanth launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to Posani Krishna Murali.

Srikanth said, "I knew Posani since the beginning of my career. He projected me in a new way through Operation Duryodhana film. He also thinks about he comfort level of producer. Producer Nallam Srinivas also has good planning. I hope that Gentleman will become a good hit."

Sairam Shankar said that producer Nallam Srinivas is his classmate.

Posani Krishna Murali said, "C Kalyan helped us a lot for this movie. Though I don't know music, I can tell if a song is good or not. Music director Mallik Sharma came up with nice tunes. The story of this film deals with chastity. I hope that this movie will be a success."

Producer Nallam Srinivas thanked his parents and siblings for their cooperation in this movie.

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