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Music launch - Hareram
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June 28, 2008


Passionate fanfare marked the audio launch of Hare Ram, the latest film of Nandamuri Kalyanram, at Ramanaidu Studios, Hyderabad. Kalyanram also produces the flick on his production house NTR Arts. Nandamuri brothers – Harikrishna, Balakrishna, Mohana Krishna – and younger clan – film hero Kalyanram and NTR – Mohan Babu, Ali, Gowtham Raju, Rajiv Kanakala, Raghu Babu, Mickey J Mayer (music director), Harshavardhan (debut director) and prominent cast and crew graced the occasion.

Rajya Sabha member and actor Harikrishna formally launched the logo of the film – Hare Ram (a small video clip). Balakrishna released the audio cassette and presented the first number to Harikrishna. In turn, Mohan Babu unveiled the audio CD, presenting the album to NTR. Three bit songs were screened to the gathering amidst heavy shouting.

No Kuppi Ganthulu for Bobbili Puli Vamsam: Mohan Babu
Mohan Babu, who graced the occasion as the chief guest, addressed the Nandamuri fans (who were profusely giving slogans in favor of Balakrishna, shouting ZNB and hailing him as the future CM). “Konthamandhi laaga meeru kuppi ganthulu veyyakoodadhu. You should remember that ours is Bobbili Puli Vamsam. We should talk when the right time comes. For everything there is a time. You all know what kind of association I maintain with Nandamuri family members. I recently saw Pandurangadu. Seeing the characterization of Lord Krishna (played by Balakrishna), it reminded of Anna NTR. Young NTR can deliver even tough dialogues with ease. I clapped the muhurt shot of Kalyanram’s film Athanokkade, which was a super duper hit. This film Hare Ram will also be a blockbuster. Vishnu apprised me of the risk taken by Kalyanram during the stunts. I advise them not to take risk because they have the access to graphics. Kalyanram is a decent and disciplined actor. Director Harshavardhan worked as co-director in our productions. Actually, we registered the title Hare Ram for Vishnu’s forthcoming film. But, when I was away from the city, Vishnu called to say that the title was needed by Kalyanram. Immediately, I told Vishnu to surrender the title to him. I pray to God to bless Kalyanram more than my sons. Our Vedika will come soon. That time I will come.”

This get-together is festival: NTR
NTR made a curt speech: “I am happy that we (family members of late NTR) are sharing the same dais. This is like a festival to me. This year Nandamuri fans have three hits – Kantri, Pandurangadu and Hare Ram (yet to release). Kalyanram should get even a bigger hit than Athanokkade.”

Kalyanram is disciplined like grandfather
Balakrishna said: “The music of Mickey J Mayer will enthrall the fans and the audiences. I appreciate Sirivennela and the playback singers for their superb job for this album. Kalyanram is disciplined like his grandfather (NTR) and his plus point is his perseverance. I hope that Hare Ram will run for 100 days. That day, I will talk more.”

Harikrishna’s appeal to AP Adapadachulu
Harikrishna repeatedly (more than four times) spelt the title Hare Ram as Hey Ram. He addressed the gathering … starting with political overtones, as: Naa Adapadachulu and etc etc.” “I have three sons – Janakiram, Kalyanram and NTR. We are all one family. People should not think that there are any differences among us. I never helped Kalyanram or NTR to become heroes. I never gave them any money for that. I just asked them to stand on their legs and both proved their mettle by hard work. I always told them to give importance to studies. If you earn money, it might be taken away by Income Tax people, or it might be attacked by pest. But, education can’t be taken away by anyone. I hope Kalyanram’s Hey Ram (Hare Ram) will become a big hit and stand up to the expectations of the Nandamuri fans.” Harikrishna again and again dwelt at length giving references to his father NTR. He sought the blessings of AP Adapadachulu (women), public and Nandamuri fans for Kalyanram.

Kalyanram simply rendered the vote of thanks, with a few words for the gathering. “I look forward to the day when the movie will be watched by the audience. When the movie becomes hit, that time I will speak.”

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