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Audio release - James
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29th August 2005
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Audio of James was released at the Siddardha Engineering College Grounds in Vijayawada on the night of 28th August 2005. Ram Gopal Varma, Lagadapati Raj Gopal and Ravi Kumar - alumni of Siddardha College - attended this function as guests.

Ram Gopal Varma said, "Though I was born in Hyderabad, I am more attached to Vijayawada as I did my graduation here. Vijayawada's atmosphere is unique. That is the reason why I am holding the audio function of James here. We are going to release James film on 16th of September. I can compare James to Shiva and can say that James is taken with new taking, new technology and new actors. Unlike my earlier films, James would not have any mafia backdrop. James is the story of man with self-respect. We tried to inject freshness in James flick. All my Hindi films are being dubbed in Telugu because Telugu audiences are encouraging me. I would be making a film on media very soon. I also bought the remake rights of Sholay. I wanted to make a film on Veerappan, but his demise caused us to stall the script. I will also be doing a Hollywood film in the future. The failure of Govinda Govinda film forced me to enter Bollywood."

Lagadapati Raj Gopal released the audiocassette. Madhura Entertainment bought the audio rights. Jhansi anchored the event.

Ram Gopal Varma had come on a bike to audio function to enliven his sweet memories of studying at Siddardha College. He had brief chitchat with students. Here are the excerpts -

Q: You did your civil engineering here. Why did you enter film industry?
RGV: I did not visit college much. I concentrated more on watching films in my engineering time.

Q: You do mafia and commercial films. Don't you do patriotic films?
RGV: I am more patriotic about myself than the country. I make films which I like.

Q: Who inspired you as a director?
RGV: None

Q: Why are you remaking Sholay?
RGV: Because old prints are not in good shape.

Q: Don't you do films with Telugu youth heroes like Mahesh Babu and Jr. NTR?
RGV: Their films are becoming hits and they are in good position. I don't want to give them flops.

Q: Just like you did Sarkar with inspiration of Bal Thakare, why would you not make a film on Paritala Ravi's life?
RGV: I am more familiar with Mumbai politics than AP politics.

Q: How do you want the girls to be?
RGV: Beautiful and sexy.

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