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Kurradu music launch
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September 10, 2009


Music of Varun Sandesh's latest movie Kurradu in the direction of debutant Sandeep Gunnam was launched at Prasad Labs on the morning of 10 September. Gemini Kiran produces it on Anandi Arts banner. Ram Charan Teja, Puri Jagan, Rajamouli, MM Keeravani, Ramesh Prasad, Rama Rajamouli, Gangaraju Gunnam, Urmila, Madhumita, Neha Sharma, Koti, Achu, Anant Sreeram attended this function.

Ram Charan Teja launched the audiocassette and gave the first unit to Puri Jagan. SS Rajamouli launched the audio CD and gave it to Keeravani.

Varun Sandesh gave a recorded video message saying that he is in USA to shoot for Maro Charitra movie and he said that Achu scored nice songs for the movie.

Music director Achu said, "There are five songs in this album and I scored them as per the requirement of director. I am feeling glad to have this audio launch in the presence of my guru Keeravani."

Anant Sreeram said, "The songs in this film have the all the feelings. Director has made this movie very well. I am happy to be associated with this project."

Director Sandeep Gunnam said, "There are three heroes for this movie. One is Achu who scored excellent music. The other one is Anant Sreeram who penned beautiful lyrics and the third one is Gemini Kiran who produced the movie. I would like to thank every member in my direction team for their efforts."

Ram Charan Teja said, "I knew Sandeep Gunnam for a long time. I used to ask him when he was going to direct whenever I met him. He is a trained professional from USA.This is Varun Sandesh's first action film. My first film co-star Neha Sharma is also acting in this movie. The songs are good and I wish all the best to the movie."

Rajamouli said, "The Kurrallu song is my evergreen favorite song and it's a good title. When I was working for TV serials for K Raghavendra Rao, Gemini Kiran used to come and watch the rushes and used to say that it was bad. He used to put us under lots of tension. I wonder how much stress the director Sandeep has gone through while making this movie under Gemini Kiran. Achu did good music."

Puri Jagan said, "I wanted to titled Kurrallu with a tag 'low class' for Ram Charan Teja's debut film Chirutha. The with the movie and the music of Kurrallu all the best."

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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