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Music launch - Mallepuvvu
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August 4, 2008


Music of Ilayaraja’s latest Telugu album ‘Mallepuvvu’ was launched at a grand function organized in Taj Deccan, Hyderabad on the night of 4 August. Bhumika Chawla is doing the title role and Murali Krishna is doing main lead. Samudra directs this film. Mohan Vadlapatla produces this film on Sri Samudra Silver Screens banner. Ramesh Varma pens story for this film.

Jayasudha launched the audiocassette and gave the first unit to Taraka Ratna. D Suresh Babu launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to Tammareddy Bharadwaja.

Hero Murali Krishna said, “This is my debut film. I feel that Ilaya Raja scoring for me is like a God’s gift. I am also lucky to have Bhumika Chawla doing as heroine in this film. Though she is a senior, she always made me feel comfortable on the sets.”

Mallepuvvu is a gift to my husband Bharat – Bhumika Chawla
Actress Bhumika Chawla said, “I am feeling honored to act in a film that has Ilayaraja music. Jayasudha did the title role in Mallepuvvu of yesteryears. She also acted as mother in my debut film. Working for Mallepuvvu is a fantastic experience. Samudra is a fantastic director. Producer Mohan has got great ideas. Murali Krishna is making his debut as hero in this film and I am confident that he will make it big in Telugu film industry. I would also like to thank Anil Bhandari (cinematographer), Deepa (costumes designer) and Swamy. Mallepuvvu is the firs film I did after marriage. I would like to give Mallepuvvu as a token of gift to my husband Bharat Thakur.”

Ilayaraja composed Bobbili Raja songs in two hours – D Suresh Babu
D Suresh Babu said, “Ilayaraja is the finest technician I ever worked with so far. He is so efficient that he gave all the songs of Bobbili Raja film in just two hours. I used to be so afraid of sitting in his room when I was producing that film. I feel honed to sit along with him on this stage. I saw Ramana Maharshi photo in his room and Ramana Maharshi’s philosophy changed my life.”

I will direct a Telugu musical with Ilayaraja work - Jayasudha
Jayasudha said, “Mallepuvvu was a good film. I had been acting in films for the past 38 years and had been contemplating on directing a film for the past 15 years. Once I met Ilayaraja and discussed about directing a musical in a Hollywood musical style where most of the scenes are narrated using music and songs. He agreed to do it. I am sure that I will fulfill that dream one day.”

With me, music happens - Ilayaraja
Maestro Ilayaraja said, “It is a great opportunity to meet all of you. I generally don’t attend music launches. But this is an exception. Ramesh Varma approached me a few years ago with the subject of ‘Oka Voorilo’ and asked me to compose music. I did not like the story and I said a firm no. Veturi called me recently and said that he is sending a new guy to narrate a story. I realized that Ramesh Varma came again. I cautioned him that I will not do the music if I don’t like the story. I liked the story of Mallepuvvu. I felt that there is lot of scope for a good music. This film is about a love story happening to a building construction worker. He said that he is looking for five songs. I suggested him that there are eight situations for the songs and composed eight songs in a span of one hour (between 7 am to 8 am). I am surprised by these music directors who give interviews on TV explaining how they composed music. I feel that music can never be done. Music should happen. I feel that each and every music director (except me) are trying to do music. For me, music happens. It’s like bird flying in the sky. It happens. See how it appears when you try to do graphic work on a computer about how a bird flies.”

Mallepuvvu is dedicated to Sobhan Babu
Director Samudra said, “Hero Sobhan Babu saw news about Mallepuvvu film being made and asked Yechuri for my contact number. Sobhan Babu called me and told me that Mallepuvvu is my favorite film and I feel happy that you are also making a film with the same title. He also said that he liked Bhumika Chawla in Okkadu film and he was happy that she is doing the title role. I told him that I would invite him for the music launch and he said yes. He passed away after a week. I am dedicating this film to Sobhan Babu. Ilayaraja is the real hero of Mallepuvvu film.”

VN Aditya said, “Samudra is a good human being and a good director. He acted as himself in my film Rainbow. Everybody loves Ilayaraja and fans of him.”

Producer Ramesh Vadlapatla said, “Mallepuvvu is going to release in a month and I want all the Telugu movie lovers to watch this film and bless us.”

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