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4th April 2005
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After Pothuraju Kamal Hassan will be seen in Raja Rajeshwari Combines Production, Mumbai Express. The film is directed by Singeetam Srinivas Rao and has music by Ilayaraja. The audio of the film was released today at a function held at Ramanaidu Studios, Hyderabad.

The venue was jammed with press personal and a few fans that managed to get through the security. Everyone was anxiously waiting for Kamal Hassan and when he finally arrived a good one hour late there were no complains. The audio function was held immediately and Kala-Tapasvi K Vishwanath released the first cassette and gave the first cassette to D Ramanaidu.

Later speaking K Vishwanath recalled his experience of working with Kamal Hassan, and said, "When a hero is seen on screen, a fan sees the hero and not the character he plays. But in Kamal Hassan's case it is the character that is seen. He is both easy and hard to work with because he has ease as a actor and at the same time understands production aspects so it is hard to work with him." He also recalled his time during the shooting of Sagarasangamam.

Singeetam Srinivas Rao said, "Mumbai Express will be like a pleasant weather during this hot summer season. From the day that Kamal told me the story to the final day of postproduction, every member of the unit was laughing and enjoying the film thoroughly. The story of the film is the basic foundation for the film, it is like walking a tight rope a false step and the story could have been mislead. But thanks to Kamal Hassan the film came out really well." He went on to say, "The music provided by Ilayaraja is just something one cannot talk about but has to experience. We just told him the situations and he came up with music that enhanced the scenes. We planned for a song less film but when we saw the end product we were happy that we added those songs to the film."

Murali Mohan who arrived late said, "I am sorry for the delay because of shooting, but when I knew that it was Kamal Hassan's movie I had to come. I am personally a very big fan of his. He is one of the most versatile actors present in the country and the characters that he has donned are mind blowing. I wish the whole unit all the success on this venture."

Kamal who was the piece the resistance said, "I would like to thank all these young men that I am sitting amongst, I call them young as they are young at heart. I have always admired working with these stalwarts just as they were happy to work with me. Till date Vishwanath sir and I keep calling each other and congratulate each other for the films that we have done together."

Talking about Singeetam he said, "He has always encouraged me in all ways, as an actor and even as a writer. During Ammavasya Chandrudu he treated me like a writer and never looked down. And as far as the film is concerned it is going to be a family entertainer, with everyone enjoying himself or herself throughout the film. The film is not going to be a main character surrounded but is an ensemble piece, where every character is important. The music of the film is excellent."

Also present at the function were, Vennelakanti, Harish Cherukuri, Harigopal Krishna the producers and Anne Shekhar of Surrya Music who have the music rights of the film.

- Aditya

Photo Gallery (Photos by G Narasaiah)
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