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Music launch - Naa Anevadu
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June 5, 2008


Directors SV Krishna Reddy and Jeevita Rajasekhar this evening unveiled the Audio of Naa Anevadu (Okarunte Chalu) at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad. The recipients of the albums were Music director Saketh Sairam and heroine Tanuja. The film made on Sadguru Sai Creations stars Rishi, Harish and Tanuja in a triangular love story. Launched to regular shoot in October last year, the film is likely to hit the marquee next month. Originally, its music director was announced as MM Srilekha, but lyricist Saketh Sairam replaced her.

Screening of songs
Of the six songs screened to the gathering, the first one is about friendship shot on Rajiv Kanakala and Harish. The last one is an item song on a lesser known dancer. The remaining four are shot on Rajiv Kanakala, mostly solo, in different moods. Heroine Tanuja comes in flashes to the illusion of the hero. Vizag beaches, sea rocks and sandy forests are major backdrops.

Heroine – cynosure of the gathering
Both heroes (Rajiv and Harish) didn't attend the function. However, heroine Tanuja who made it to the venue remained the centre of attraction at the venue, clad in the same saree which she wore on the background poster.

SV Krishna Reddy said that for better results in filmmaking, the unit members of the respective films should create something new to cheer up the audiences. "Without newness, it is ridiculous to expect success in whatever we do in this highly competitive generation."

When Jeevita Rajasekhar got up to address, there was an expectation that she would rock. But, she had cut short her message to a couple of single liners, wishing success to film unit. "The arrangement here shows the efforts of the unit and its confidence in the success of the audio and the film as well. The present day films are both stylish and class in their output. I wish grand success to all."

Director-producer Prashanth said: "I choreographed a song in the film. I am thankful to KJ Yesudas, who sang a song in the album. When recording the song in Chennai, I was fortunate enough to see and interact with the famed singer. I have always been influenced by SV Krishna Reddy-style of direction and selection of subjects and music sense. I did my best to give a clean family entertainer."

Music director Saketh Sairam said: "Both the script and music should match with each other to make a good film. All the songs in the film are situational with music correctly matching each and every frame and the mood of the characters."

Some of the debut lyricists who worked for film thanked the producer. "Generally, lyric writers are people who work behind the screen. But, we are happy that our work is given due prominence and recognition."

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