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Music launch - Nee Sukhame Ne Koruthunna
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February 21, 2008

The music of Raja’s latest film Nee Sukhame Ne Koruthunna was released in the last month at a function organized in Prasad labs. Giribabu’s friend Mohan Babu launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to heroine Sneha. Pyramid Saimira director Ram Mohan launched the audiocassette.

Speaking on the occasion Mohan Babu said, “Giri Babu is a good friend of me. I knew him when I was a teacher in Madras. His name used to be Sesha Rao and we used to be roommates. He made his way up as actor, hero, producer and director. He gave me good offers in the films he directed and produced in the past. He also used to give good remuneration. His wife used to cook food and send it to sets for us to eat. I am happy that his son Raghu Babu made it big in Telugu film industry now.”

Director Giri Babu said, “I directed action films in the past. But we need big heroes for action films which demand huge budgets. That is the reason why I made this love story NSNK with small actors. I am sure that audiences will appreciate this film which is made with good story line.”

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