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Audio launch - Sangamam
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November 16, 2007


Music of Manoranjan Movies film Sangamam in the direction of Rasool Ellore was launched at a function arranged in Durgam Cheruvu on the evening of 15 November 2007. Murali Mohan released the audio. The guest list for this function include Trivikram, Rajamouli, K Raghavendra Rao etc. Vel Records bought the audio rights.

The cast and crewmembers who made it to the occasion include Rohit, Sindhura Gadde, Rasool, Ramana Pemmaraju, MM Keeravani, Anant Sreeram, Surendra Krishna, Gowtam Raju, Gavara Pardha sarathi. The anchor Suma arranged a fun ‘antakshari’ program by splitting guests into four teams.

Speaking on the occasion Murali Mohan said, “I did a vital role in the film. When I heard the story, my eyes got wet four times. There is so much feel in the story. Though the producer Ramana is new, he made sure that he took care of the production well. Keeravani rendered song in this film is going to be the highlight. Former Miss India World Sindhura Gadde (a telugu girl) is going to be the main attraction of this film. Everybody, including the debutant hero Rohit did well.”

Lyricist Ananta Sreeram said, “It feels good when Keeravani composed tune for a song I penned in my college days. He also rendered that song. I feel fortunate to write all six lyrics in this album.”

Hero Rohit said, “I feel happy to have a big music director like MM Keeravani composing music for my debut film. Veterans like Suhasini and Murali Mohan helped me a lot during the shoot. I am confident that this film would get me recognition in Telugu.”

Music director Keeravani said, “I composed music for Gavara Pardha Sarathi’s Mr. Pellam. I also composed music for Rasool’s directorial debut Okarikokaru. Both these films were appreciated a lot for the music. The songs composed for these two people in this film too are very good. Vel Records is taking good care of packing this album well by getting neat and beautiful designs.”

One of the producer Krupakar said, “I became the producer of this film accidentally. A part of this film was shot in my company and home. I was inspired by that and became the producer.”

NRI Producer Ramana Pemmaraju said, “We started this banner a couple of years back. Gavara Partha Saradhi helped us a lot during the production of this film. We shot this film in Washington for 45 days. I am confident that our debut film would become a success.”

click here for photos of Sangamam and Sindhura Gadde

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)


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