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Audio release - Shivamani
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8th October 2003
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Audio function of Shivamani 98480 22338 was held at VCC (Viceroy Convention Center) on the evening of 8th October 2003. Its been a lucky place for Puri Jagan as audio functions of his last two films Idiot and ANOTA were celebrated at the same venue.

Sisindri Akhil turns cynosure
Nagarjuna is busy with the shooting of Kamashi banner film at Vizag now. Hence he sent His wife Amala and son Akhil to the function. They were accompanied by Chalasani Ramesh, bother-in-law and manager of Nagarjuna. The other guests who graced the occasion include Honerable Minister Ayyanna Patrudu and Mass star NTR. The heroines Asin and Rakshita are also missing as they are busy with their shoots.

Brothers in arms - Akhil and NTR
NTR referred Akhil as his younger brother. The anchor Raghu Kunche also introduced NTR and Akhil as brothers to the audience. Akhil released the audio of Shivamani and gave the first copy to NTR.

Naa Peru Shivamani - Naakkonchem Mental
The teasers shown for Shivamani are promising. There are beautiful dances, excellent music, terrific action sequences, mass dialogues, and tickling retorts. The highlight of this film is going to be Nagarjuna's dialogue with Puri jagan's hero attitude - 'Naa peru Sivamani - Naakkonchem Mental'.

Shivamani would be an extension of Shiva - NTR
NTR said that Shiva had two unique elements - Ram Gopal Varma's direction and Ilayaraja's music. Shivamani also has two unique elements Ramu's protégé Puri Jagan's direction and Ilayaraja's follower Chakri's music. NTR predicted that Shivamani would be another trendsetter like Shiva. NTR felt happy that future hero Akhil is present at the function.

7th film with Puri - Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj said that its his seventh film in the direction of Puri Jagan. Prakash Raj professed that Shivamani would take a big leap from all the films Puri Jagan has done so far. Prakash Raj said that Nagarjuna has given excellent performance in this film. He said that this film would become a big blockbuster.

The other celebrities who came to this audio function include KS Rama Rao, YVS Chowdary, Burugapally Sivarama Krishna, Nagababu, T Trivikrama Rao, Ravi Teja, Chanti Addala, Giri.

Chakri, Kousalya and Smita performed songs of the film live. Raghu Kunche anchored this event.

S No Song Lyricist Singers
1 Yenatiki Bhaskarabhatla Raghu Kunche
2 Goldrangu Kandikonda Ravi Varma
3 Elo Elo Viswa Smita
4 Rama Rama Kandikonda Kausalya
5 Mona Mona Shakti Hari Haran
6 Sun Sun Kandikonda Shankar Mahadevan


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