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Music launch of Sontha Vooru
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23 February, 2009


Music of Raja’s latest film Sontha Vooru was launched at a function organized on 23 February at Prasad labs. Lagadapati Sridhar launched the audio and gave the first unit to Chandra Siddhardha. Sunil Kumar Reddy directed this film.

Lagadapati Sridhar said, “Sunil is a passionate person who has been making films with limited resources. I have a lot of respect for him. Raja is one of the few actors who promote films aggressively even after the release.”

LB Sriram said, “Sunil Reddy and I worked over the script for one year. All the characters in this film are natural. I am also penning dialogues. I am doing a vital character of kaati kaapari in this film.”

Producer Kishori Basireddy said, “It is the era of digital camera. A few shots in Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire were shot using still digital camera. Curious Case of Benjamin Button was shot with a digital camera. But Telugu film industry has a perception that it is a cheap film if you shoo it with a digital camera. Chandra Siddhardha is one of the few directors in Telugu film industry who encourage digital camera. I am very happy to be associated with the director Sunil Kumar Reddy who works with passion.”

NRIs Gopi and Anand Kuchibhotla also participated in this function.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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