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August 10, 2009


Ravinder Thota is producing a film titled ‘U & I’ in the direction of Ranjit Belluri on JSMN cinema banner. Music of this movie was launched at a function organized in Prasad Labs on the evening of 10 August 2009. Rohan and Aditi Chowdary are doing main leads. Karthik composed music.

Madhu Yashki, Tarun and Chakri attended this function as guests. Madhu Yashki launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to Chakri. Tarun launched the audio cassette and gave the first unit to the producer Ravinder.

Chakri said, “Producer Ravinder made me listen to these songs when I went to USA. I liked all the songs. Ravinder is also a distant relative to me. But he offered the music direction to Karthik. Karthika has got a good future and I wish him all the best.”

Producer Ravinder Thota said, “This is the most unforgettable day in my life. When I watching a Rajendra Prasad movie in a theatre in 1984 I decided to become a film producer though I did not have even 10 rupees in my pocket at that time. I was poor guy at that time. Later on I watched Chiranjeevi’s Swayam Krishi and got inspired. I decided to go for highest education. I completed my Ph.D in Acharya Ranga University. I did my education in that university for 11 years. I went to USA after that and earned money. I went to Mexico on some work and met few Telugu guys. I expressed my wish to make a Telugu movie over drinks. Those guys told me that the director Ranjit was there a few days earlier and he was looking for a producer. He also did a few short films and uploaded on youtube. I liked them a lot. He got hold of my number and called me. I offered him the film. I asked him to not put any item songs and lucid scenes in the movie as I am a divotee of China Jeeyar Swamy. I just invested money and left everything else to the director. If this film clicks, i will continue and make 150 movies like D Rama Naidu. Otherwise, I will stop producing movies. Sony BMG bought the audio rights for Rs. 1 lac. I am donating that 1 lac. Rupees to a orphanage started by my friend.”

Director Ranjit Belluri said, “The film came out very well. I am feeling proud to introduce a genius like Karthik. I like producer Ravinder Thota as a human being a lot. All the technicians excelled in their work for this movie. And I wish U & I a big success.”

Rohan and Aditi thanked the crowds and wished that the movie would become a success.

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