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Music launch - Vade Kavali
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June 8, 2008


Music of Sairam Shankar's film Vade Kavali was released on Sunday night at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad. Made on Sri Sadguru Cinema and Veeru creations presenting it, it has music by RP Patnaik. Aditya Music is marketing the album.

Hotshot director VV Vinayak and senior producer C Kalyan unveiled the audio CD and cassette respectively. Cluster of directors Boyapati Seenu, Bhimineni Srinivasa Rao, V. Samudra and Sukumar, unit members hero Sairam Shankar, director Rajendra Darshan, music director RP Patnaik, producers Viresh Kasani and Raghunath Sogi, Dayanand of Aditya Music and others were present. Suhasi, who makes her debut as heroine, is not present. Two trailers of the film - with mix of songs and stunts - were screened to the gathering. Due to technical problems, the songs were not played, but they were heard in bits while everybody was moving out of the preview theatre.

Vinayak said: "I am happy to see the slow and steady growth of Sairam Shankar. I knew director Rajendra Darshan right from the day when we were working as assistant directors. He always maintained friendly relationship with all in the film industry. I also congratulate RP Patnaik for giving beautiful music to the film."

C.Kalyan said: "I heard some of the lyrics last week itself. Whatever the family members of Kasani (producer) do, it will sure become a success. There is an urgent need for more and more number of new and young producers to give fillip to talented directors and technicians. Director Rajendra is a lovable person in the industry. I hope he will soon join the list of big directors."

Boyapati Seenu said: "I can't resist thanking the producers. Though they are new to the industry, they believed in Rajendra Darshan, his story and capabilities as director. Actually, my good friend Rajendra was to have got his break long back. Better late than never, he would get it now. He showed me three songs in the film, which are really wonderful. The contribution of RP Patnaik speaks a lot."

Bhimineni Srinivasa Rao said: "People might get confused with the name of director Rajendra Darshan and mistaken for brother of Priyadarshan Ram or as a man from other states. But, Rajendra is hundred percent a Telugu man, hailing from Tirupati. He holds a highly practical work style and I hope he will be getting break with this film."

V. Samudra said: "I and Rajendra are good friends since twenty years. We started our career as assistant directors. Rajendra is not only a talented director, but a good human being. He actually got chances to work with Supergood Films and Ushakiron Movies, but he showed lot of interest for Sairam Shankar's film."

Sukumar said: "In fact, I first considered Sairam Shankar as hero for my film Jagadam. His body language and stunts dynamics suited well for my script. But, it didn't work out later. If he only gets a break, he will establish himself as a very big star. And I am confident that it will happen soon."

RP Patnaik said: "The team of Arya-II came to me and fixed me as the music director for the project. I was so thrilled and accepted the film, provided I told them not give me any remuneration, but the nominal expenditure. Coming to Vade Kavali, the music has come out really brilliant thanks to the team work of my lyric writers and technicians. Hero Sairam Shankar awaits great future. He has the powerful to display minute expressions with ease."

Hero Sairam Shankar thanked the guests, unit members and the media for their best wishes to him.

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