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Vinayakudu Music launch
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September 3, 2008


Impressive moments prevailed at the music launch of the film – Vinayakudu – at Sampradayavedika, Shilparamam, Hyderabad, tonight. The film is made on Prem Movies banner with Sekhar Kammula's protégé Saikiran Adivi directing it and Saritha Patra producing it. It has music by Syam Prasan. The film stars Krishnudu and Sonia in the lead. Aditya Music is marketing the album.

MM Keeravani, Bommarillu Bhaskar, Krishnudu (hero), Poonam (one of the heroines), Prem Kumar Patra (presenter), Syam Prasan, Varun Sandesh, lyricist Avinash, Surya Tej (one of the male leads in Vinayakudu), local builder Krishna Prasad, Srivalli, playback singer Raghuram and others were present. Geetha Madhuri anchored the event.

MM Keeravani unveiled the audio cassette while the first number was purchased by builder Krishna Prasad. It was Bommarillu Bhaskar who released the audio CD presenting it to Varun Sandesh. Highlight was that a kid Pradhan got onto the dais attired as Lord Ganesh (with head and trunk mask on him), holding the casket of the music material. The child also lit the lamp.

99% Entertainment, 1% Sentiment: Prem Kumar Patra
Prem Kumar Patra said, thanking the dignitaries and guests: "Right from the beginning of our film, we have not revealed the details of our hero Krishna (Krishnudu). We kept it as suspense. He is strategically linked to the script. His characterization will surely make the audience shed tears. It is 99% entertainment and 1% sentiment. It the audiences don't weep, you can surely question me. Saikiran is a really a very good director and he is going to prove it soon. It is my privilege to be known that it is we (Prem Movies) who have introduced Saikiarn. I also thank Marthand K. Venkatesh for fine editing. He assured me that I could sleep well without tension. He said that Vinayakudu will become a hit and its range would be decided after the release." At this moment, Prem Kumar recalled the scene of Mohan Babu in M. Dharmaraju, MA – his composure during the election scenes. "Like this we are cool and tension-free."

A feel good film: Krishnudu
Krishna alias Krishnudu said: "More than a decade ago, I came to Hyderabad to become a hero, but I couldn't. While working in Happy Days, Saikiran Adivi (assisting Sekhar Kammula) wanted to talk to me and I thought it was something regular. Later, he narrated the story of Vinayakudu to me. I wept at the climax. Sai said the hero was me. I was amazed. It is a proper love story, a different love story, a feel good film."

Wonderful music, I envy it: MM Keeravani
MM Keeravani said: "I am happy to find myself and Bommarillu Bhaskar as chief guests here. There is depth in the title and it's also promising. When tags of the film were mentioned as comedy, romance and cholesterol, I feel it apt that the former two qualities refer to Bhaskar, and that of the last is for me. I am envious of music director Shyam Prasan, who gave such a wonderful music. Going by the title, posters and trailers and most particularly the hero (Krishnudu), I can conclude that there would not be any dance numbers to rock, and that the songs would be just situational. This makes me confident that Vinayakudu could make even a finer movie than Aa Naluguru, which movie is my favorite so far. I wish the team best of luck." Referring to the music, he said: "I can understand that some of the tunes that we heard now have nothing to do the visuals shown. I find that most of the musical notes are done on Major Scale. It is a rare thing in film industry. They are melodious and stand on a par with the standards of Happy Days. I will listen to the songs tonight and will tell my response to you (to Prem Kumar Patra)."

Variety is buzzword: Bommarillu Bhaskar
Bommarillu Bhaskar said: "The title of the film – Vinayakudu – and its music launch give a different and variety look. Films giving this unique feeling are very rare. I got similar feeling with Anand – with its tag line as Manchi Coffee lanti Cinema. I saw some of the ad films of Saikiran. The visuals and music of Vinayakudu are rich. It's the luck of the director to get introduced with a good banner. I wish that this film would be more entertaining and get excellent name than Aa Naluguru. It seems that the movie has fresh thoughts. I congratulate the Vinayakudu team members."

Music director Shyam Prasan said: "By the grace of God I am here sharing the dais with dignitaries here. I thank my producer and director for their patronage. There are four songs in the film and I am confident that all of them would be thrilling."

Director Saikiran Adivi said: "We have done our best. I know that whatever I speak will not be that much interesting to anyone here. I prefer to speak after the film release. I thank Prem Kumar garu for his great support in the making of Vinayakudu."

Varun Sandesh said: "The trailers are nice. Hero Krishna is cute. I wish best of luck to all those associated with Vinayakudu."

Avinash, lyricist, said: "I am proud that I wrote three lyrics for Vinayakudu. Actually, I was called to pen a song on Hyderabad. As there are umpteen numbers of songs on Hyderabad, I took great care in giving a fresh lyric. After this, I got the opportunity to write two more songs. For the first time in Telugu film industry, we brought the fusion number with classical and western styles. I also could write lyrics with pathos. I am thankful to Saikiran and Shyam Prasan for their big support to me."

Poonam Kaur, one of the heroines, said: "Good evening, everybody. It's really great to be here at Vinayakudu music release function. Let me tell you the message of Sonia (main lead heroine). She said she missed the audio release very much, for the reason that she was engaged to the Tamil version of Happy Days in Chennai. I specially thank the costume designer. I felt like going to write the examination rather than acting for the film."

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