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Audio CD Launch - Nuvvu Nenu Prema
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August 31, 2006
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Audio CD of Nuvvu Nenu Prema was launched at Film Nagar Cultural Club on the afternoon of 31st August. Surya released the audio and gave the first unit to Gemini Kiran.

Surya spoke at length about this film. Here are the excepts of his conversation

NNP is my own project
Nuvvu Nenu Prema is my own project. My cousin Gnanavel is producing this film on Studio Green banner. We termed the banner as ‘Studio Green’ because our roots are in farming.

Real life screenplay
We would have many screenplays in many different films. But none can match the screenplay of fate in the real life. The director got inspired by a real story of a person and incorporating some real scenes in it. Debutant director Krishna worked with Gowtam Menon in the past. I met him during Kakha Kakha time and he narrated me the script. He developed over the script for 2 years. The story in the film takes place over a span of 8 years and accordingly my characterization and appearance changes.

Jyothika’s character is going to be the soul of this film. Bhumika is doing a character that she has never attempted in her career. The title ‘Nuvvu Nenu Prema’ is applicable for the pairs of ‘Surya - Jyothika’ and ‘Surya - Bhumika Chawla’. We tried to bring new expression out with this film. I am pinning my hopes on this film to get me new image just like Ghazani did the trick in 2005.

AR Rehman recommended NNP for Shahrukh in Hindi
AR Rehman is so much impressed with the script that he composed and gave us 3 songs even before we went to floors for shooting. He don’t prefer singing love songs. He did patriotic or mother sentiment songs before. For the first time he sang a love song for NNP. That song brought us so much of emotional depth to the film. AR Rehman is so much impressed with this story that he recommended this film to Shahrukh Khan in Hindi.

I Will do a straight film after learning Telugu
I feel that voice and modulation contributes to half of the direction. I will do a direct Telugu film when I learn Telugu and feel comfortable to speak in it.

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