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Book Release: Jandhya Marutam
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2nd May 2005
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Late Jandyala who is best known for his comedy films and funny one-liners is remembered as one of the best comedy film directors. Today a book containing some of his best works was launched amidst family and fans.

Chiranjeevi along with Rajendra Prasad attended the function, which was held at the State Gallery of Art in Hyderabad. The function was organized by the management of Hasam humor magazine, who cater to comedy lovers through funny stories. Along with this book another book written by Tanikella Bharani was also inaugurated.

Jandyamrutham, a compilation of Jandyala's best works was authored by Pulagam Chinnarayana. Chiranjeevi inaugurated the first book and handed the books to all the guests present on the dais. Chiranjeevi also gifted a special complimentary copy to Mrs. Annapurna wife of Late Jandyala. The second book, Endaro Mahanubavulu was authored by Tanikella Bharani and is a prose on the forgotten names of Telugu music.

After this the third and final book, Achalapathi Kadalu authored by MBS Prasad is a work, which has been inspired by famous British author P G Wodehouse. Without delay the guests were invited to speak, first to speak was Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi said, "I was a very big fan of Jandyala myself, I feel sorry that I had only one chance to wok with him. My interest in comedy was what brought us both together. In a time when all the other producers and directors made action films with me, he came to me and we got together to do Chanti Abbayi. He believed in me more than I had belief, I was skeptical that I could do comedy but he showed me that I could also do it."

"Even though the film did not do wonders at the box-office, it created a very big fan base for me in the hearts of children. Even when I was entering a small child called me Shankardada, and that is what is the greatest gift that Jandyala has given to me. These fans are like a deposit in a bank and they never decrease. Thanks to Jandyala who saved the film industry from a comedy crisis and brought a smile to everyone's face."

"It would be unfair to say that he is no more as he will forever live in the memories of all those people who love comedy films. I wish more authors like Chinnarayana keep his memory alive in our hearts. I would like to thank the organizers for calling me to the inauguration of such a great book."

Tanikella Bharani spoke next and said, "I am thankful to Chiranjeevi for inaugurating my book, it was originally going to be inaugurated by Veturi Sundarama Murthy. But unfortunately due to some ailment he was not able to make it. The publishers of Hasam approached me and asked me to write a book on comedy but I told them that I would be more comfortable writing a book on forgotten musicians."

"Many feel that I would be more comfortable writing about comedy but I have an undying love for music and I was able to satiate a little of it through this book. The book refers to a few of the forgotten musicians. The book about Jandyala is also a masterpiece as he is one of the best comedy film directors of all time. He had mastered the art of clean comedy, even today people would enjoy his films with a whole family."

"The second book Achalapathi Kadalu is an inspiration from the great British comedy writer P G Wodehouse. In the end I would again like to thank Chiranjeevi for inaugurating my book."

Rajendra Prasad said, "I would like to recall my time that I have spent with Jandyala, who had given me some of the best movies of my career. I am happy that my name is remembered along with the name of that great person. I am really happy that I was a part of his great movies that made people laugh and still do till today."

"Jandyala had a great sense of comedy and was always thinking about some thing funny or the other. I particularly remember once when we were traveling after a shoot and he spontaneously came up with a scene and put the camera to the drivers face and asked him to drive with his eyes closed. The scene is where I ask the driver to drive fast and he says he gets scared while driving fast. This is just an example of what he could think of in just a split second."

"Today on stage is present a person who everyone thinks is very villainous because of his on-screen image. But in person he is a great person, Tanikella Bharani who has written some of the great dialogues that I have said in films like Ladies Tailor. Today I am seeing a new side of his, he is an avid music lover and loves music this is something I knew. His book is about musicians and deals with all those who need to be recognized and praised for the great work that they have done. I would again like to thank everyone for inviting me here and giving me this opportunity to speak."

Later the guests were felicitated with shawls by Varaprasad Reddy, Editor, Hasam Magazine (also man behind Santha Biotech). Chiranjeevi also felicitated Mrs. Annapurna with a shawl along with Varaprasad Reddy.


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